Zenni optical review :Unboxing:

I do have a pretty bad eyes like they’re not the best, but they’re not that bad I just can’t really see sharpie so if I am not in focus right now zenni optical review I apologize in advance ;because i can’t really see if I’m in focus or not because of how many glasses on naturally so recently.

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Zenni optical out of business

if you need them and I think the cheapest that they have is like six dollar glasses and the most expensive glasses that they have is like 40 bucks which are so cheap compared to like you know when you go to like the eye doctors on Walmart Costco can run like a couple;

hundred dollars which are pretty pricey for like one pair of glasses just let you guys know.

I only ordered one pair office and obstacle because I wanted to see the quality of the promise of pressures of the classes,

and I do have other ones that I find one order but- I just wanted to see as their customer service and like the shipping and how long it took, and: I just needed something for now so we have just been a bubble wrap packaging should ensure you have the address but I’m open this invention got some light there’s or something because I just did arms and my arms are like so tired once –


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I got it open and just looks like that so nothing else in here but on this clear greenish case which it’s pretty good quality is not like you know um super fancy or anything but I like hard cases like this not have to worry about your glasses like you know getting all messed up it’s pretty hard plastic –

and energy stays as any on the top and it’s like a clip, and then you open it up and it just shows the style or that your order number .

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I got it’s this one right here believes can see it it just comes into clear packaging thing and it’s wrapped up and II was called it a cleaner microfiber cleaning thing so that and it comes with a really nice cleaner so what up; with the glasses down a little bit just comes like the sunset with birds and then their little website and then this is how the glasses; look like they’re just black framed her much more like this.

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I got the now-reflective of what is it called lens because and it wanted to be too reflective camera but you can see that there’s like a little bit of a hint of green tint to the lens this; is how the glasses look like from here they’re just black plastic ones I’m going to try it on the one thing about Jenni optical you can’t really tell how; the glasses are going to look like on you they have this part where you can upload a picture but honesty that doesn’t really help so we’re not bees and it stays on as a noun-reflective but you still clearly can see my ring light but oh my I feel like .

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I can see so clear right now like everything is clear Oh, so it’s pretty nicely on my nose. I have like I don’t have i got from Walmart they always slip down but these fit really nicely on my nose let me take a picture of myself .

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I can see how because of the reflection of the Ring night in the lens, so the frame is pretty big in my opinion I thought it would be a; little bit smaller, yes you guys want to see up close this is just how they look like .I kind of wish there were more like squarish kinda like overly but not bad for like nine dollars it’s so cool because i can see.

I can see, so that’s basically how these glasses look like on me there, of course, non-name-brand you know they’re like basic classes and; I feel like it’s a pretty good deal because like it’s pretty good quality as it.

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