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Super ratchet Hey what’s going on why teacher girl lb and I wanted to come to you guys with the review of zenni optical i recently needed a new pair of glasses these ;

are always following you see this is a habit of people who wear glasses to either readjust their glasses if they fall down to like kick them up right there, ; and there’s a head back to do it all the time sometimes ;

when I don’t even wear my glasses.

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I go like this and I belong oh I’m so geeked out my glasses were falling off my face number one and- i was always going to the Walmart to get a really tight and;

also i noticed that things that my husband could see like when eyeglass frame for men we were sitting in a -restaurant, and we’re watching a football game at a restaurant zenni optical review and he gave me the score, but I can’t wear my glasses that’s -how I knew it was time to get glasses so I went to Walmart.

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I got a exam and I knew about any obstacle for want to seek a 68 here on the YT because she always ; orders her glasses from pearl vision eye care locations Jenni optical one thing- I liked about the classes that I saw her.

Where it is that it was very stylish and very up to date and they were cheap like the i bought a pair of glasses that are in the- frames were like eight dollars plus the prescription they’re like a fifteen dollar pair of glasses complete pairs.

I said I’ll just start going to Walmart every year to this was -actually like a two; or three-year-old prescription, and I said I just started going there and getting my prescription in the order from Jenni optical slow here is the package; that comes in once again, and I got nothin two pairs of glasses,

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and they came pretty quick i wanted to step outside my comfort barks – because ; i always get glasses they look like these because i know that these will look good on my face. You know the plan and i had a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses one –

time and I broken and that was it these are some cheap frame , but they still want to put in these any optical lens. The only thing in here was my two pairs of glasses ok all the packing; slip is-

actually inside the case I was going to say work with the Texas Lily ok song open the first beer and they come in a plastic wrap so let’s go ahead and I was like a bag so you can go ahead and open at so let’s open.

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There’s an order number right here I just think you need to return them and then inside the case it’s like a little like on not piece of fabric but like.

Zenni optical glasses

“I don’t know what a colleague like its .kind of my suede but not okay in a case is just cheap: case ok five and then you get a card right here with their email, not their email address and a phone number just in case you have any problems :

it also comes with there’s no packaging slip in here. I guess everything that you need is in the email it comes with a cleaning cloth okand this is a very standard is actually like there the way of advertising “as well because it has all the information on and on the- back is just a scenery that’s a cool way to advertise the ; glasses and here are the glasses I got some big frame and I spell y’all.

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I’m going to go ahead and take these off and let’s try it on the first Peter and see how they- look ok so here is the first pair, and I have to say that women’s eyeglass frames at walmart;

this is outside of our comfort zone I will impress some bigger frames with kind of like the” cat eye,

and they are brown and black on the side and they ;are very modern very big the thing that I like about these last is there you can see my eyes through these glasses now let’s take a look at my old glasses?

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I’m here on out last time to put them -on “and look how they like how narrow they are so when I would wear makeup with these;

lessons you couldn’t really see my eyes you- know what I’m saying you can’t really see my eye makeup because this black bar by here kind of cover tea however .When I put on these; frames look how wide open my eyes are so if I wear any makeup on my –

eyes but you can see it I’m kinda Lebanese discount eyeglasses stores near me they’re very modern very geeked; out dough what do you guys think.

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Let’s move on to the second pic now the second there I we kind of get down with these and i got clear glass with they are plastic frames .

They came with the same; I think it’s called a terry cloth is that science Harry cloth like I said this that have the time to take me and these are some “clear flames these are the Wayfarer style, ok so let’s take a look at these bands okay these are prescription.

let’s go ahead and try these on and here is the second pair now .

These are definitely more heat than eyewear for dogs the first fair; I love enough I feel like they don’t give me a modern feel “but they give me a little bit of a different type of five people are probably not going to think these are prescription but they really are;

I’m definitely feeling these, and i like that i have some variety.

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I want you to know i just received these classes today which is October twenty-six. I have to get you the rest of the shipping information I can’t think a bit; said the only thing that comes in the package is the eyeglasses no packing slip or anything.

I don’t have anything to refer to second of all :I just want to let you know that when you go to get your prescription done at; a doctor they’re going to give you a prescription, but they’re not necessarily going to give me your PD measurement”

and you need that PD measurement your prescription comes in in three things it’s like three numbers that they give you.

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you get your gonna have all. The information on the prescription but you’re not gonna have your PT; the only time they really measure your PD is if you’re going to order a glass from them prescription glasses online I whatever if you want to zenni optical review know what your PD;

is they will take your PD usually at no additional charge assuming that no one charges for your meeting so be mindful of days when you go to order unless;

there’s any obstacle I know that if you’re going to order single vision glasses now progressed it.

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