Youtube thumbnail size pixels easy to create

Youtube thumbnail size pixels easy to create

Do you want create youtube thumbnail size pixels ? YouTube thumbnail not much do I expect you to care not really.

What I want to do is jump right into the tutorial and show you exactly how to create three awesome YouTube thumbnails that are going to get you tons of clicks………

(.. YouTube thumbnails size in pixels can drive you crazy they look…

Deceptively simple yet if they’re done wrong they can absolutely run your video online what I find really interesting is when I do a search on youtube….

Youtube thumbnail size

I would say at least nine out of ten thumbnails 1280×720 pixels are absolutely terrible for example,

let’s try to type the word tutorial and see what comes up as you can see nearly every one of the video images is really really poor here Youtube Thumbnail Size .

#). Youtube thumbnail size pixels for complete photoshop

You can also use youtube photoshop for thumbnail with beautiful template ….

………..It’s not enticing me to click the image Youtube thumbnail size pixels it doesn’t give me any more information some of them have text,,

that’s like really difficult to read Custom thumbnail Youtube make most of them are just relying on like a full-color image to give give their whole point across…

  • What’s happened is over the last two years photoshop thumbnail template I’ve created almost 150 different videos on YouTube….
  • Create youtube channel :I’ve tested different scenarios and different layouts and I’ve also kept in mind how long each of the thumbnails has taken to create…
  • I want to show you a couple of the examples and templates that i’m going to give you for downloads…
  • Thumbnail setting :I want to explain the process and why each one of them was better than the previous so you can sort of modify these make them you make them work for your own use and really increase the traffic on the video….
  • Because after all the thumbnails the first thing that a user sees so having a good thumbnail will really increase the click-through rate on your video.
  • Pixels size :let’s look at some other examples Photoshop here i would hope that if i type in something like video marketing 640 pixels for example that these guys would have really good thumbnails,
  • because obviously they make a living doing video marketing now what you can see here is that these videos like video marketing tip 1 is obviously…
  • A lot more enticing it’s a lot easier to click through this other guy here Youtube Thumbnail Size Photoshop SEO also has a really good thumbnail they’re more enticing.

youtube thumbnail size photoshop

#). Best youtube width hight and thumbnail resolution

He even has some illustrations down  the bottom here so you get some idea of what’s going on..

(…I really like this type of thumbnail much dimensions more than I do is just say let’s just say a plain guy sitting in front of a laptop or a you know just some text on a background…………………)

  1. I think these are much much more engaging but I also think that these can be done a lot better.
  2. i’m going to show you my channel size and I’m going to show you some of the first thumbnails we created right up until some of the most recent something else..
  3. What size we can use for youtube thumbnail?We created so to do that just search for the term 858 graphics..
  4. let’s take a look at the actual channel and right away you can see some different thumbnail examples here…
  5. These are actually the modern or the newest revisions that I have they’re also my favorites and let’s go back in time a little bit.
  6. We can see the evolution so like I said the worst type of thumb there you can do is no thumbnail..
  7. You they just pick like a freeze frame from the video YouTube picks a random freeze frame from the video and then it’s just like boom..

#). Photoshops with CS6

youtube Photoshops with CS6

You’re done that’s really lazy and it’s also going to really decrease your chances of a video getting clicked.

( A step up from that is to put up a title in front of your custom thumbnail so something like this example here installing life-size acrylic prints on a wall..

It’s just that same freeze frame and then there’s a box around it that just sort of gives the user some type of hint this type of thumbnail…)

:::::::: We saw a large increase on the click-through rate but the problem was is because the youtube thumbnails always displayed in different ways,

because you’re fitting check also Youtube Money Calculator much text in such a small area they’re difficult to read and they’re out of the three thumbnails….

( Image Sizes and Image Dimensions : )

I’m going to provide you guys they’re probably my least favorite of the three,

but I would still say that they’re way  better template than having no thumbnail at all the next type of thumbnail that I tried to use was just very very generic almost using like stock photography as a guy …

Just using a like a plain background so in here we’ve got the testing the durability of stickers now because this is a stock photo on a plain background there’s nothing that really gives..

i’m also not doing any branding for myself so nobody’s going to recognize one video to the next ..

If a competitor was really clever they could use that same stock image to sort of compete in my ads and really really confuse my customers ..

What i liked a lot more youtube thumbnail size pixels is when we started to create a thumbnail where it was visually appealing what to what was going to happen in the next..

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