How to Make Youtube Thumbnail Size Photoshop

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to make your very own youtube thumbnail size Photoshop,……

The tunnels are going to make are going to look like the ones” They’re the same way I make them, so I did make a video about this I thought a few months ago six seven months ago………..

But it didn’t turn out too good, I thought I’d remake it and hopefully you guys do enjoy it I do understand the you guys also don’t have photoshop a lot of you guys don’t have it.

I would I was thinking of tutorial on “how to make thumbnails with pixel|” or which is a free software.

youtube thumbnail size Photoshop

You guys want to see that as well let me know in the comments and leave a like, if we hit 1205 likes I’ll do that as well and with that being.

1.) Back ground image settting

We’re going to do in Photoshop is click on file new to course create a new document and the width and height are going to be 1280 by 720,…….

  • Which is the size of thumbnails on youtube and we are going to set the background contents to transparent and then click.
  • So the first thing we do when we add a thumbnail or make a thumbnail is actually get a background for it.
  • You can find a ton of backgrounds on google images you could of course search for like normal backgrounds.
  • You can search for for example a sky background or a blue backgrounds and just find a background that you like you can also search for grunge backgrounds which I showed you before…….
  • They’re like these really sick textured backgrounds or you can search for sunburst backgrounds which are also called radial backgrounds,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but just go through google images and finds a background that you like and make sure that the size of the backgrounds is of course at least 1280 by 720 “”

that you don’t have to stretch it out later on.

Back ground image settting in youtube

2.) How to add background image in youtube video??

I really like this purple background:” I’m going to click on it click on View image and then right click save image as and save it as something.

  1. I’ll remember, I’m going to call it brunch purple and then click Save and once it’s saved I’m going to go into photoshop go to file place and then place grunge purple………
  2. There we go the image is now in photoshop and to resize it what you want to do is hold shift and drag an anchor point just..
  3. It doesn’t lose proportion and the really the picture doesn’t get stretched at all and then once you’re done click on the check mark.
  4. Now we’re going to add some text into the thumbnail: just click on the text tool click on the actual layer and then you can just type in whatever types you want just make sure the color is set to white the font can be anything………
  5. You want so can these size so I’m just going to type out Eric I’m going to make it a big paper then just change the size to 270 that looks good I’m going to make it a bit smaller now………..

3.) Save your images and upload in youtube

It’s for central a and just find the size i like,,, 230 was good and then with the selection 2 i’m just going to move it over here.

………….We are going to add some more text tool click on the layer and then we’ll change the font this time to Aldo the Apache….

(…I really like that font we can make this bigger 3 100 and then just type out texts….

I think I can make it a bit bigger than that maybe like 350 yeah there we go and oh you can click on this character to over here to also mess with the settings of the text itself…..

Backgorund youtube imag:You can change the sizing and the spacing so here I’m just going to set the width to because ,I’ve changed it before.

Adob photoshop :(I’m just changing it back and then just press the check mark and move it where I want it to be and that looks good also if you wanted to Center the text….)

…You just press ctrl-a to select the entire layer and then make sure that the layer is selected on what you want to censor and go to layer align layers to selection vertical centers……

If one is eccentric vertically and layer a line later selection horizontal centers if you wanted to Center it horizontally…….

I’m just going to go back because I didn’t really want to and yeah there..

How to Create a Youtube Thumbnail Size-Easy and Quick

4.) Make youtube best image thumblers

We go now to blending options usually I add a gradient overlay leave it black and white and then make it ten percent and then I also add a drop shadow which I said,,,

you’ll pass into 100 distance 20 and then the spread in size I usually mess around with I usually leave that like 33.

It really stands out I can make it like 44 and it still looks pretty sick and then just press ok the text this time….

We could add a bevel but we are going to add a gradient and we are going to set it to be a custom gradients.

youtube thumbler size photoshop online


………………..We’re going to click on the gradient slider double click on the pencil set it to purple I think purple would look nice there we go and then double click on the white stop and make that a lighter purple see that yeah that looks good maybe make it>.////

(((((((((  A little bit darker on the side there we go and also add a drop shadow make you pacity 100 and then the spread in size 30 30 we can we get a bit bigger and that looks good and press ok.))))))

Now if your text isn’t standing out what you can do is right click on the background layer go to blending options and then set a color overlay..

5.) How to save youtube backgorund image

Make the color black and then just mess with your pacity sothat the text stands out even more or you can even give it a completely new color to change the background color of the background…..

  • I’m just going to make a black in this case and leave it at 30 so that the text really pops now the final thing…
  • We’re going to go back into google images I let’s just go back to Google Images and then just search for an image now make suret and there’s no white or black background….
  • We’re going to search for surprise emoji and then just to get the PNG you type in PNG at the end and we’re just going to use this one because it’s a decent size and as you can see there’s checkers meaning that the background is transparent…
  • We’re going to click view image right click save image as and make sure that the save as type is PNG click save and then go to file place and we’re going to place that emoji we can tilt it and turn it so that it looks really really nice engine you’ll just fit the thumbnail .

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