Youtube Can’t Monetize your video Until You Get 10,000 Views

Five years ago, YouTube opened its program partners around the world. It was a big problem: It meant that someone could sign up for the service to start sending videos and start immediately making money.

This model allowed the biggest YouTube web video platform to be but caused some problems.

……..People climb content to create accounts belonging to other people, sometimes majors or movie studios that sometimes other creators of YouTube.
“Within a few weeks, we will also add a review process for new artists using in the YouTube partnership program to attend.

Youtube Can’t Monetize your video Until You Get 10,000 Views

1). Youtube video not eligible for monetization

After a creator 10k views for life on the channel reached, we activity against our policies, “he wrote Ariel Bardin, YouTube’s vice president of product management, published in a publication today. “If all goes well,

We will get this channel PPJ and start ads against the content is running. Together, these new thresholds will help ensure that revenues will only be available to creators who comply with the rules…………”

  • To fight these bad actors, today YouTube announced a change in its partner program.
  • From now on, creators do not allow monetarization until they reach 10,000 views for life on their channel.
  • YouTube believes that this threshold gives the opportunity to collect them, to see if it is enough legitimate information from a channel.
  • And it will not be so high as new independent artists dissuade you from signing up for service.

youtube video not eligible for monetization

2). Youtube monetization policy Change

Of course, as well as their creators of services whose videos can protect you from scammers being rebooted helps these new rules to keep away from the YouTube video campaign brands, spend money on your marketing platform.

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This has been a big issue for YouTube over the last few weeks.

“This new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel,” Bardin wrote. ”

It also allows us to confirm whether a channel follows the guidelines of our community policy and advertisers. ”

How do you get with the world of prime time TV closer to parity, YouTube is logical to monitor how the businesses performed in the service.

Time will show how a new generation of creators of these new constraints reacts.

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