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Cool and unique wordpress themes that you have probably never even heard about because a lot of them aren’t available on,

I know you guys are tired of seem like the same things being advertised on all these different blogs and advertiser network’s trusted me.

I’ve been there it’s annoying to so I’m going to share with you guys mind ,

you guys might switch over some of these after you see them go check it out  number 10 is going to be the tour of the thing now this is a newer thing that came out,

and it comes with pre-made layouts everybody,

so it does a lot of the hard work for you now it’s pretty highly rated it just came out ,

they do have a pro version but let’s give you guys a demo of some of their pre-made layouts now they’re going to give you guyscheck out best free theme .

Free wordpress themes

he’s cool and unique layout for everyone,

you pretty much put in your information, and you’re all ready to go and yes can see it’s cool for a
free theme it’s great for a lot of small businesses.
It does not support e-commerce create wordpress theme as far as my knowledge goes but nonetheless,

it’s still a very good-looking theme, and you know having a video section and let’s take another look at their demos.

WordPress Themes For business

Just by looking at this you know this does look like a premium theme,

they could charge for this in the future we don’t know yet but I know they have a pro version, so that’s why I think the tour thing deserve some recognition as a free theme.

  • Because it looks really good no it’s a free theme it looks cool.
  • You can get these amazing premade layouts for your website:that is how tour made number 10 let’s go on to number nine yeah alright guys so number nine is the stripthe team now this is not available on WordPress stock.

NewsMag Lite theme

for yet it really deserves some attention because it’s just a beautiful-looking WordPress theme now it just looks clean all together like these icons right here.

this about us it’s slick and add cutom font icone in wordpress it probably ideal for a small business but it also supports the woo commerce plugins.

You can turn this thing into a shop if you want to sell something a little bit more professional like laptops or you know pcs or something like that now they also have a pro version.

But let’s show you guys the shop quick:

is it this is the shop and it just looks really easy it’s simple it looks good, and i love the layout looks cool and unique and they have a form support,

  1. You guys need help,now this is the pro version the pro version looks even better it has his big full page layout with these icons right here,and it just looks it looks better now this timeline is cool looking, and this is also responsive .
  2. If you shrink the screen this is going to actually, shrink with it as well.

spark wordpress theme

Activello wordpress best theme
It’s responsive it looks good like that so we know that is responsive you know those good I’m gonna keep going now they have these really cool pricing tables it looks really cool .

They have their team gadgets the workflow they added this like a like.

Free templates for WordPress

I mean just use these layoffs they have right here really professional-looking.

You get that in the pro version you guys can buy these all on the link every single one of these themes I’m just going to link the free ones.

But they’re definitely worth add google map in wordpress he look so a straight Pro and a straight made my number 9:

list all right coming in at number eight is the bento theme now the bento theme is really diverse it has a lot of cool features that a lot of free themes don’t have like I want to show you guys the blue ,

shop through , shop is really cool because i have this grid layout.

Now this is the basic standard shop I’m sure you guys have seen this but this free theme has a messenger style where you can have your shop looking like this,this is very different a lot of free things do not provide this and they have layouts for everybody so let’s just say it they have creative landing pages.


Background it’s a really cool-looking theme it just looks really cool and;

I think in order to purchase the expansion pack it’s only a one-time fee of like 17 bucks.

If i scroll down right here yeah this is it so you get a one time payment for 17 bucks you get the expansion pack you get access to all of their layouts right there .

You guys can just go ahead and just so you know.

I’m just gonna stick with a free thing for now and check it out but it’s really worth your time it has a lot of cool features it looks really cool.

That is how the bento theme made my number 8 list guys number seven on the list is the access press Dorothy now this is a really cool theme.

free templates for wordpress

Travel themes

i personally have been a tutorial on this because I recognize it as a really cool e-commerce,

thing now this theme is free but they do have a pro version and this is a quick rundown other thing so it’s a really cool-looking theme.

  • They have those images that kind of just laying out at you it looks really cool i would have done a white background though for this thing .
  • Because i want those boxylooking like that and have this cool section right here;now this is a really cool way it looks it just looks amazing and has a slider right here they also have another thing up here like the sticker.
  • This up here this usually changes but then the demo they don’t have that but i know it changes i’ve used this team now they also different header layout.

This is another style header sort of like this now and their shop the shop looks really good it looks really clean it just looks like a really good website.

Four free theme i can easily match this up with a premium thing so I’ve used this before I think it’s
professional I think it looks good and they do have a pro version.

best free responsive wordpress themes 2015

Travelify wordpress best theme

If you want to consider buying the pro version you guys can buy it and it costs around 60 bucks you can you guys can compare you know the free and the premium version.

But all in all I think the axis pressed or theme is professional it’s really good and that is how it made my number 7 list number six little miser theme now the optimizer theme is available in WordPress top org it is a free theme they do have a pro version.

it is compatible with blue commerce now one cool thing about vs his theme ,it has its own special customizer,

  • This customizer is actually really easy to create pages you can create a landing page in a matter of minutes it’s really cool and you guys can choose to use some of these layouts that they have.

here’s some of their layouts right here now if you want to buy the pro version you guys can get these if nots you guys can just create it yourself .

These are all some other things you can get with the provision and i’ll show you guys an example of some of their layouts.

Travel agency word-press theme

This is one of the layout looks pretty cool to have their menu over here it’s a looks pretty good it’s unique I like it and over here is my personal website that i have created with the optimizer.

This is my website and i created this with the free version guys;remember use the free version first before you decide to upgrade or purchase the the premium theme:

because sometimes people panic and they rush into it and they just buy it really fast and they’re like oh wait I want this team.


this is my shop page and this is all done with the free thing so it looks really cool it’s really easy to have a contact us page and you know i haven’t updated this in a while but this text was to be black nonetheless it is still a really cool theme .

It recommend it and it’s free so go ahead and give it a try and that’s how the optimizer made my number six list so number five is the black beard theme.

curiumite wordpress best theme download free

now this theme has a sister theme called the responsive Boat theme also maybe you guys have known as Sarah flight so this is a really cool one page word-press theme.

Best small business wordpress themes

It’s very smooth and it has a lot of cool parallax effects it’s a very simple theme and the thing.

I like most about this theme is the page builder guys the page builder makes this thing.
Easy to make a website you can make this and probably matter of 15 minutes and it’s also compatible with WooCommerce .

  • This is the shop page and you can add something to the carts you the cards and then from there you can proceed to checkout so it’s fully compatible with the Commerce and it just has a lot of cool things and when i click on the features or about it .

Sort of just drags it down to a different part of the page because this is a one-page theme but maybe you don’t want a website with 50 pages right.

You can just put everything on the first page so it’s a it’s also made by shop.

I’ll which is a very reputable company they make a lot of premium and free wordpress themes.

The black their theme made night number of I’ve list all right number for her theme of this theme is very promising and adjust actually became available on



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