How To Add A WordPress site PayPal Donation Button

wordpress paypal donate button widget I’m going to show you,

how to add a  PayPal donations button to your WordPress website or blog.

Okay so the first thing we need to do is just open up our website and log in

then from the dashboard on the left hand side just click,

where it says plug-in and then of the top click on you know we’re going to be installing

the plugin called PayPal donation,s to just type that into the search bar

in the top-right PayPal donations and then hit return on your keyboard.

To search it should be the first result X tips and tricks HQ I want to find it.

WordPress paypal donate button widget

Just click install WordPress is going to download and install the plugin automatically.

You just need to click here where it says activate plugin not that the plugins be activated.

We just need to set it up and we can do that by clicking on the left hand side,

where it says settings and then underneath clicking PayPal donations’

then you just want to type in your email address associated with the PayPal account,

wordpress paypal donation button free


using into this box choose your currency from this drop-down box here,

and then screwed on choose which type of button you would like.

So you can choose from these three images for a custom button;

I’m just going to choose the middle one that selected by default then underneath,

he can just click save changes once the settings and see if we can head on;

over to our widget area or will be able to add the PayPal donations.

Brother Danny is the widget areas that our side has two on the left hand side,

just click where it says appearance and then underneath put widgets.

Once you’ve decided which of the widget areas you’re going to add your PayPal donate button.

So you can just click and drag the PayPal donations box into place super me.

wordpress paypal button

 Donation button plugin in wordpress paypal

I’m going to add it to the bottom of the right side bar and once you drop it and it’s going

to give you a few options so for the title I’m just going down the nation’s welcome,

and underneath he can add some or text if you like and once you’ve done

that just like to see you know if we head on over to our side will see,

that the donations button is not active and if we click where it says doing.

It will be brought to PayPal when it asks for the donation of money whether or not,

you would like to meet this recurring and then ask them to log into PayPal

to confirm the payment so that’s how you can quickly and easily out of PayPal donations button

to your WordPress website or blog.


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