WordPress database settings:Restore and backup files & folders

wordpress database git workflowI’m going to show you how to manually restore a website that has been broken


But I’m actually going to do is delete my entire website :

because we have the backup of all the files and folders and the database.

We can recreate the website and I’ll eat the whole website before the

website was WordPress database setting  deleted and this is something.

You could do after your second act or after something breaks when you update

your thing that you plug into your profiles.

You always want to make sure you have a backup before you do anything major

just in case something goes wrong you can then :get your site back online

as quickly as possible.

word-press database migration

We see the current state of the website this is our demo site WP – peace

I don’t believe this whole website right now .

How we do that as we go into a roasting account and we go to the file manager

we open the document the route for that website and these are all the website files.

Right here pretty quick on the first one the highlighted scroll :down hold down, the shift

key and click last one that had all of them and then click on delete and then delete

files just takes a few moments for them to be deleted .

Now they’re all gone and we are going to go back to the website and refresh and

see what happens nothing their website is gone now but I’m also going to do is

delete the database .

wordpress database settings

We go back into the seat i have to scroll down to the place where we have the PHP my

admin option Garrett and i check the date I can take before before you

leave the site and my website name as flower pots .

I’m going to find that database and we’re going to do what’s called drop the database

which is the bicycle term for delete Sweden list of databases and left me find the

flowerpots database scroll down to the very bottom .

Database update required

When she’s checking with, checks at all of the tables and then in the drop-down with

selected we choose- to drop has asked that we really- want to drop all these tables

we do now this database the fireplace database , has no tables found in the database.

Now we have deleted all the WordPress files, and folders and the WordPress database

that we can restore it from the back of that we made that how we do

that is virtually wp-config store all the files.

If you would call or if you even watch the video we had that we downloaded zip file

and then special and this is the father of this :

is the zip file regular WordPress database settings  contains all the websites


Folders i click on the “button on the bottom right it shows that the upload is

starting can you give us an estimated time for how long it will take to upload those how to

pause a video while it uploads when it’s done .

I’ll be back to work the upload is completed and we can actually close this upload file

tab and then if we refresh the file manager to see that are zipped file has been uploaded

to extract a zip file and click on it and then click on extracwordpress database accesst .

Error table doesn’t exist

It will extract all the files directly into this folder as well so we can leave all these

options as an extract files it takes a few moments to extract and then I get a list of all the

files that were extracted: to look up close reload this page again .

Now we see all oversight files are back or delete the backup the server because

we don’t want to save files on the server just because that’s a security risk now .

We have other files *back in if we go back to our website where there’s really nothing

there for refresh the page and now has a WordPress installation minutes even go back.

Install WordPress again with that the day- you lose all your data or not going to

do that we actually want to do is we want to upload our database the database :

We backed up previously so if we go back to our” flowerpots database or which were deleted earlier in the video that we can go to the import :option was to have the talk with an import you said leave

all the settings as they are just click ,on the browse button choose your file to import which

in this case is about SQL file .

Database not showing in phpmyadmin cpanel

Then click on go takes a few moments to upload or import that file database

who have a message that says imported successfully finished 244 is executed to know.

If we go back and click on the structure for the database we should see all the

tables over there before we deleted it and it looks like they are all there but it’s really dark .

wordpress database change password

I didn’t memorize the mall WordPress database settings we go back to our:

website here we go to the homepage we

can go to their website is back online just the way it was before we deleted it all .

That is how you manually: restore a website from your files and folders backup and

your database backup and this holds true also for a lot of back-up plans with only export a

zip file that contains a database .

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