How To Create WordPress Custom Homepage :For beginners:

custom homepage layout wordpresswe do this kind of beginner series.

we’re going to cover- using WordPress Custom Homepage

and posting pages and using widgets to pages or,

widgets that with Pages .

Everything by now you can tell- it’s going to run along the left side of your, dashboard

I’m going to go through the pages, and if we wanted had a new page .

It’s very very similar to adding a new -blog post the only difference: is that

a page is going to be a permanent part of your website .

Let’s just start with adding a new page, for now just -so that

We can see how this will fit in into the menus later ,

title page about Mike and there you can see the permalink just showed up.

It pulled that title and made it a part of the link so that’s the link to this page:

and I’m going to just type in some random text here and there.

I can check this the way that I would have loved- post using the preview,

or the same track but for the purposes :of this demonstration.

1.WordPress with blog posts custom homepage 

Let’s just set this up pretty quick ,and so I’m just going to publish and that’s

going to make my page live so live in about Mike page .

wordpress design custom homepage

It doesn’t mean that is easy to see on my blog in fact I’m pretty sure

you’re not going to be able to see it,

I hadn’t sent this new page, to the menu so yeah there’s no weight- of the things on my

page no one can see it unless they have that particular week so-  go back into my dashboard .

We’  use this as an- example to set up our menus.

Your menus or were you going to use in terms of getting all your pages to show on your

log in so I’m goes to school, Solve Windows 7 or windows 8 Start up Problems down here

to appearance,I’ go to the menu when it’s like- that and it’s to pull up with a couple

of different options homepage template In WordPress  for menus .

you can see that there isn’t anything created yet so I’m just going to type in a

Min you name, these are all customized his son is -going to say menu number.

2.Creating a  Beautiful customs WordPress  homepage 

When you want that I should say that and to create this menu .

Once I do that wordpress, is t okay great you have a custom menu now and

the pages that you won’t know the piece that- I just created about Mike ,

that some of my most recent if you want to view all of them there’s a hole there’s.

Some length and: there’s about a disabled page -on and so forth to his page WordPress pull

it in you can see that it’s a page if you want to scroll, down you can see my navigation label:

custom homepage title On WordPress/blogs

On and so forth and so I’m going to say this even though ,

I mean change it because tell WordPress,

where I want that many and this depends on the team so let’s just take a look here.

This is tight and you can see you still don’t see the menu even though I have made it .

3.Blog Display custom post type in homepage

Go back into the dashboard ,I could just go to menus here so we’re not go to do -that

We’ve already created: a minute now  to take you into using widgets .

Scroll back down to appearance-

now it’s over into widgets now witches are like plugins but they’re right on your page.

advanced custom fields homepage

What this does is now pull up, a whole list -of widgets and a whole list of locations,

right there on the right side of the screen .

4.Homepage content  builder manual 

Depending on the thing that you have you’ll have different options for your widgets quick

scroll through of this a list of which is seriously the archives in attic or even remember,

from the blog post that.

custom menu home page

We use this example I created a category for marketing

I can actually list those categories on places within my blog page

by just simply dragon is over but let’s use them_ then you just

that you don’t think it is because that I just made put it in my head right there.

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