How to Windows 7/8/10 INACCESSIBLE-BOOT-DEVICE-Amazing method

wiwindows briefcase inaccessibleAnother quick method, if you were on this hello everyone how are you doing

this is Auntie text here, another quick tutorial .

Means you’re getting a blue screen of death error message user on Windows 7 ,Windows 8,

or Windows 10 alerting you that you have an inaccessible boot device.

Now the first thing I would do or the first couple things I would do before trying

anything, that we’re about, to go into with this tutorial is on plug any external hard drives.

For flash drives you may have on your computer, if you have anything that the computer

could confuse with your main hard drive or main partition just get rid of it .

If you try that I’m assuming that most of you are not able to boot into windows at all

but if you’re Windows 7/8/10 -inaccessible boot-device able to get into safe mode .

Windows vista panneau configuration inaccessible

I would recommend, trying to remove the USB drivers, from device manager and then blood

Windows automatically trying to install them dad might be getting your way as well .

If you were able to get into safe: mode and try and find the device manager go for that definitely

remove any flash drives it on your computer” and if we are still stuck in this position are

probably going to be getting an automatic* repair over and then you are able to run different troubleshooting

tools .

windows service install inaccessible logs security

I’m going to go and read troubleshoot here now we have plenty of different options, we can go

with you we (could reset this PC go into another couple minutes .

But I’m going to let that one go for a minute and I’m going to go over to Advanced options

I’ve already done an automatic repair tutorial for Windows 10.

C drive not accessible windows 7

I’ put an annotation and a link in description: for that however when I am{ going to do is show

a couple different, potential Solutions here so in the automatic repair video I go over startup repair

and this tutorial.

Over a couple different items here first, or going to try doing a system restore can

depending on your processing power does make a couple moments to get this up .

what’s wrong with the system restore window we could select an account and what you’re looking

to restore he has to enter your password, for that account and now, if you had any system

restores they would have it right here.

Then you could select -any system restore point and it should be a little box of it also

Lets you show hidden or additional system restore points, and then at that point you just left click

on next and follow the on-screen directions, we don’t have any system restore point on his computer.

windows 8 to go inaccessible boot device

I would definitely recommend, trying that is one of your first methods to resolving this issue

when I’m something for lung cancer here .

Disque c inaccessible windows 8

We’ through another couple options we could try, and fix our computer, I can troubleshoot

Advanced options: we had a system image backup to a CD or dvd do

we could try going through the system image recovery that’s always a great tool.

You have to have already made it back of the image so that he doesn’t love you as much as

it was to go back to a previous build of Windows 10 ,

We left them on that I’m not actually, going to do this year but you cannot, you roll back the operating

system, that is another matter we can- try or when I probably saved either my second or third

choice match or type of money .

Windows drive not accessible

Just for, looking at with going back to a previous build need to reset this PC  if we left it on that we

do have two different options to- try and keep our files when resetting .

windows error message inaccessible boot device

We can remove everything, and have a clean installation of Windows 10 I would try doing the message in my

files .

Either way and nothing else work and you didn’t really care anymore try removing everything

and resetting Windows 10, back to factory State this is when having periodic backups of your computers.

Documents and photos really, comes in handy now there are other methods and I’m sure

there are tons of different solution to these problems and there’s a lot of different causes these problems.


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