What is WordPress? learn Complete A to Z Introduction

Let’s Start With Basics-More About WordPress tell you  Basics of the WordPress system.

If you know what you will be using to create your will be easier to follow my instructions The website, it.

What is WordPress?

Management system, also they describe themselves as a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability.
#why should we use WordPress?


  1. You know to build a website you need to be a web designer or have some knowledge about coding(Asp, PHP, HTML).
  2. But WordPress makes it much easier because it offers you thousands of perfect pre-designed templates.

All you have to do is using these both elegant an high-quality templates then creating your content in the wp-panel that WordPress provides you.(More about that later.

What makes WordPress so special?

There are lots of open sources web design services.But WordPress is the best among the others.BecauseIt is free to use.


You can make any changes you want there are thousands of perfect WordPress templates/themes and increasing every day.

Lots of Plugins (more on that later) that makes your website more functional.

+In which categories are we able to Create a website?
In which category would you like to create a website?

Just imagine, you can create as many Did you know that most of the webmaster  and web designers use WordPress, too?

I can bet you that every one website out of three on the internet is made with WordPress.

Iam a web designer, and I create most of my websites with WordPress, too.

Why?Because of designing, coding a website takes days even months for me.

wordpress website with easy step

  • But with WordPress,it’s a thirty minutes work.So why would i choose to design my websites for days even months?
  • So friend if I were you, i would Choose WordPress to
    Create my website.
  • If you are a web designer because it’s very very quality and easy to create as i said before.

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