What is Web Hosting? Details Explained

There are three common types of web hosting available to you the first type is shared web hosting shared hosting is like living in an apartment building shared hosting is a relatively cheap form of posting for most websites live like an;

apartment but like a real apartment building the trade-off is that you share the facilities with many other people what you do in your apartment could affect What is Web Hosting? other tenants or other websites and like surges and web traffic parking spaces will be hard to find likewise.

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If you have a lot of parties will probably talking with building management or the systems group about moving to a different space the second hosting available is virtual private servers; like a townhome versus.


an apartment a VPS is bigger and gives you more control than a shared hosting account with a VPS you have control over nearly everything inside your walls ;

but you share the property and certain services like processor usage with us you can now add walls and install whatever furnishings you; like for example music streaming software for running a radio show assuming it all fits in your space so it’s much more “flexible than;

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shared hosting the walls are thicker than an apartment what is hosting a website mean and there are fewer residents on the property and throwing a bigger party .

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We’re having lots of weather anchors the last type of hosting is known as dedicated servers a dedicated server is like owning your own home it’s basically a-

box with all the computer; bits in a remote rack somewhere having a dedicated server is like owning a big house on a hill the property- is completely or you can move ;

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walls build a deck or a pool in computer terms that would mean buying as many resources upgrades as you can afford you can ;even hold server hosting definition parties as big as you want but once-

again assuming you have the road and parking to handle it that’s like making sure you have the bandwidth from your isp or internet service provider best web hosting companies to cope with your massive amounts of visitors but be careful- you’ll have to stay within the laws or that dreaded sysadmin will show up again.

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