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Dns servel UrlTopic Learn about  What is DNS or the domain name system this course is

available free of charge will take you through everything

you need to know about the DNS.

Did you find it it does not let us, know on our- website but is missing

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As being his changes so will those videos keeping you up-to-date

on the latest DNS features now to get started what is DNS .

1. Dns server error in WordPress

The domain name system- is a system primarily designed to make computers,

easier to use for humans n computing.

Every computer has an IP address which is essentially just, a series of numbers

is a system which name to -an IP address just like,

a phone book of people’s names to their phone numbers.

what is dns client

Just like phone numbers you can probably :remember a couple :but it is difficult

to remember what is dns a lot of them in comparison a person’s name.

2. Dns address could not be found

Easier to remember than their phone number just like phone numbers computer

names are generally IP, address was developed -a file was created called

The Host files stored on the computer” operating systems accordion as the hosts

file had to be coffee between computers.

When changes, were made with a few computers this is not too difficult but when

the internet started to expand and more computers were added .

This became harder and harder host files also became -larger and larger

and dust of them or changes making it hard to ensure “our clients always have the most up-to-date.

dns setting In hosting

Copy of the hosts file DNS was developed back in 1983 DNS is a hierarchy based

distributed database that allows computers, to find -computers and services on the internet .

it is considered hierarchy rather than that because ,you have multiple computers

with the same name for example you could have two computers with the host name .

 3. How You Cant set dns settings

One knows they are different -because the whole thing otherwise known as the fully qualified

domain name is different in this case is 493 training.Com .

The other is for computer on the network with the same: name you can have as many

hosts names as you want with the same old thing in order to have a centralized control.

But distributed in space that has names faces broken- up and put into different servers all over

the world  custom domain  name on blogger if you consider it like a piece of pie,

you can see the different servers have different parts of the name space in other video.


I will look closer and how the name space words: but you can see that,

there are only part of the name what configuration dns  individual names.

they are soft allows individual administrators to make their own changes as,

required this is a short introduction to DNS.

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