what is difference WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org?

If you’re thinking of creating a website with WordPress you’re likely noticing to very similar-looking; options wordpress.com and wordpress.org you may not realize it now but these two things are actually very different despite both being called WordPress and knowing the ;

difference between them will allow you to make the right decision when setting up your new ;website in this video we’re going to take a look at each of these options so that you can make the right decision for you the most often cited difference between these two variations” of WordPress is where they’re located on the web a wordpress.com site is located on wordpress.com it’s on their servers .

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You’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions as well as the advertising they placed on your pages a wordpress.org site on the other hand is self-hosted or hosted on your own server that you’ve paid for through a hosting provider it’s because of this that the rules changed dramatically ‘

between the two a self-hosted site has almost no restrictions in comparison to a dot com site and it’s the only way to run a BuddyPress network or a multi-site installation first let’s take a look at the cost of running on each a wordpress.com site is essentially free in the beginning and as long as ; you don’t need anything out of the default offered it will stay that way forever,

but for free you’ll also have WordPress tag into your domain name. If you want your domain name you can pay WordPress eighteen dollars a year to register and have it on your site or pay another domain to register less money for the domain and then easily get it working on your dot com site by still paying WordPress thirteen dollars a year, in the end,

it ends up costing less to pay WordPr;ess for both which is sort of what they’re counting on they are running a business and providing a service after all the costs of -operating a website on wordpress.com will begin to add up though once you find a certain feature that they aren’t willing to let you have without a yearly fee for example .

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If you’re running a business you likely don’t want advertisements for random stuff on your pages while potential customers are reviewing your services this is especially true when you’re not the one making money from the sale of that page is real estate you can have average using free web hosting if you’re willing to p it’s a mere three gigabytes now for a normal blogger that’s probably; not a big deal at all but for somebody .

Who’s planning on having a site for a long time or hosting a lot of high-quality images say a wedding photographer,

for example, this space will likely add up quickly and you’ll find yourself needing more before too long the next level up is 10 gigabytes of space which will cost you another twenty dollars a year the money and space climb quite quickly from that point on wordpress.org sites are self-hosted and not found on WordPress -com wordpress.org simply host the software itself and you’ll be able to install that on your own setup this means that you’re making all the arrangements for hosting and mapping .

we’ll manage all updates and installations most major hosting providers have people to install WordPress for you so with those hosts it’s a snap for those people who choose to go with host that don’t do this WordPress comes with a super easy ;

installation already that practically takes care of itself after you input the needed information about your host to really give you an idea of what all this money ends up paying for let’s examine some of the freedoms of limitations of each the active side of wordpress.com is that it could potentially take care of for -you’ll never have to ;

think about performance issues or updating your software WordPress themselves hosts wordpress.com sites and because of that they’ve got fantastic hardware that keeps your site online and super fast all the time and they take care of security:”

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for you to such as preventing site hacks or comment spam wordpress.com is also; a very connected more the site network so there are chances for other site owners on the network to visit each other and converse in the community as well this has the potential to drive traffic to your website on the other hand though wordpress.com is very restrictive and

“has very limited flexibility you won’t be able to use any custom theme templates do any e-commerce business or use any plugin that isn’t built into the side already and there’s not exactly all that much they’re also wordpress.com sites will have advertisement placed on their pages for other visitors unless you pay that thirty dollars a year to have them removed also you will never get FTP access to your files unless .

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you’re getting a ton of traffic and can afford to pay thousands per month for the VIP hosting program you’ll never be able to gain full control of your website at wordpress.com on the other side of the spectrum wordpress.org is in many ways a completely different animal altogether while it’s still a WordPress powered site this; experience offers a free and open-source experience that over 62 million sites around the world are; driven by.

If you’re using a self-hosted option for your site you have control over everything regarding your site you can upload custom theme templates; 3rd party plugins monetize your site with advertising space conduct business transactions and more there was really no limit to regulations you are your own boss online however such freedom and ability may come at a price .

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