What is Difference Blogger vs. WordPress?

Security number of the co-founders of Blog gets today I’m going to tell you guys all about the difference between blogger and WordPress org basically this; is just a review video and I’m going to tell you know there are a lot of bloggers and a little bit about wordpress.org the benefits and what-what we like about we don’t like about it, so I’m going to start ;

wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs squarespace comparison chart

off with bloggers, first we’re here at Atlantic Pacific so she is one of the biggest fashion blogger ever really and she still uses a blogger platform water Blogger vs. Wordpres  is great really for you know pictures and then a little bit of content clearly Atlantic-Pacific to some write a lot but you can be;

writing a lot here’s a few pictures and then you scroll down to the next type of the next post here’s more pictures and then here’s a little bit of content, so it’s really the ultimate fashion blogger platform,

and it’s what everyone started off with and a lot of people actually -switched over to other platforms such as wordpress.org blogger is great for different reasons basically you can see the basics that .

You don’t have to have google analytics set up but you still should it gives you a lot more and that when it comes to google analytics but blogger does give you a lot of stats as you can see pages for today he just yesterday the last month traffic; sources the most famous pose different page view .

square space vs wordpress vs wix

It does give you a lot of that which WordPress stop or does not unless you have google analytics set up again regardless if you got blogger you still should have google analytics setup there isn’t too much to it when it comes to design and the layout and the beams I think you have to rely a lot more on a developer and design and then you would if you were to be using what wordpress.org because you can just buy a WordPress theme,

squarespace pros and cons

and you can customize it really on your own so that’s why” I prefer wordpress.org with bloggers you really can’t do a whole lot with because you don’t really have a plug-in so, for example, .if you want to use a full WordPress platform here.

I am in on my personal blog and say I wanted to add an e-commerce part of my blog then I can easily add a plug-in which gives me the shopping cart if I wanted to add an Instagram ;feed on the bottom then I can easily download a plug-in for that, and again I can do this all on my own.

squares-pace vs wordpress ecommerce

I don’t have to rely on anyone else except myself, and I can customize it to my liking and with bloggers you really can’t do that you don’t have the ability to adjust things a whole lot customize things that will resonate so with that. I really like ;

WordPress outboard again bloggers great for pictures and then content WordPress allows you to do a whole lot more on your own again twenty-four percent of the world’s population useswordpress.org, so that kind of shows you and that’s a lot there’s another platform but wordpress.org just allows you to grow a lot more than Blogger words so with that .

squarespace vs wordpress for business

I would personally start off with the word wordpress.org again you don’t want to redo your website couple months later. I say start if you’re about to start your blog or start a website start off with wordpress.org and just grow from there rather than switching platforms

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