what is a widget ? (WordPress)

what is a dashboard widgetToday talk about it what is a widget  In wordpress let’s go into it right now .

when I first started with WordPress there were pressed -is sort of kind of simple to use,

but I got confused -between what is a widget and what is a plug-in .

It’s that they’re very different but very similar but basically- a widget is a little thing

that does ,

something specifically- that can go in a designated widget area on any particular

theme .

Different themes the Geeks Who build these: things they let you put widgets in different parts of the page ,

and traditionally, you have a blown over here on the set on the sample page and then you have to which.

it’s over here what is a widget panel but this is- pretty standard for the first time how much you want,

to see some widgets over here with a Search widget a -recent post widget Pages or post that you made recently

recent comments Archives this site around for 5 years November 2013.

what is a dynamic widget

Traditionally ,they have a widget for metadata and I never see a site where that which it is showing but here

are a couple or three wickets down here- at the bottom of the page a calendar widget for tags,

Wichita social profiles widgets, and these widgets are all unique or the positioning or the availability to

put these little things that show you things over here- and these little things that show you things down.

here widgets and positioning now widgets are pretty .

I’m going to say what is a widget on wordpress ,somewhat simple to work with because you can just go down

here to your menu item.

Go to widgets, and we’ll see our widgets and here we go if you looked at the page and you can rewind

and just dragged back in your search was at the top recent post .

what is a widget on pinterest

Right here recent comments archives you -can also check what is a widget on youtube  

but let’s say you one of these categories,

but here’s the top or they say you want to get rid of gnats get rid of meditate just go down

here delete over here let’s say I wanted to put the calendar widget.

Somewhere else or maybe want to, put any text widget is just some text that you type into it ,

Just put it in an image which it just for the heck of it go up there I’m going to put the image widget at the top.

I can click, here and select an image that’s good that it go okay so I’ve selected this right here and here

I can put in a title for the boat whatever a caption description insert image into widget to see my image showing.

what is a widget and how does it work

up right here on widget on wordpress that I can collapse that but here’s one you can put up video ,

dude in here to show different videos of random videos whatever and you can do a search on the internet.

For any particular type of widgets that you want I’d a client he wanted water temperatures for Orlando Florida ,

to show up on his widget sidebar You can also check  Google in 1998 .

I didn’t search  what is a widget on a blog for it and I found a weather widget that actually showed,

the water temperature for any zip code- and you stick it over there in the widget and it shows up but notice,

over here my options there are two footer widgets.

These are widgets, that I can put these are witches that I can put in my photo that I just put

her out put her in my tab section so so this week and then and there is over here and we can sit on the left side

or the right side bar .

 This particular thing you can put these widgets -anywhere you want and then go back and visit the site

and see our new widgets and how they’re showing up we got our video widget showing up here.

Another video showing up here I guess that the widget in there 2 times we got rid of metadata

and so that that’s pretty much it what is a dashboard widget and it sort things that show you things that

you can put int, the wooded area and again traditionally .

the wooded area is over here to the left side or the right side bar but they’re easy to find easy to add

and that’s the difference that’s what a widget is and that’s the difference between a widget and a plug-in.

what is a widget ?

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