what is a theme ? Simple And Best

what is a theme in wordpressToday we’re going to take a look at what is seen our objectives

for today include taking a look at what is thing .

Where things being used and how, can you identify theme let’s take

a look for starters at what is the thing people- sometimes described

WHAT IS THEME .As being the message of the story the message that the

writer is trying to get across the purpose- of the story or the moral of the story.

These can all be different ways, of looking at things you can also find things in

a variety of different places TV shows/movies poems short stories plays .

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novels are all different kinds of fictional pieces that will have things in them

one of the really interesting things about the story may have two three or even 10 different things.

This is pretty typicalm of a good narrative it says that it will have,

multiple themes and sometimes overlapping themes and another interesting .

1.What is Theme in Literature

Thing is that people see, things in different ways so two people made

both read Romeo and Juliet one person may say the theme, is about young

love with another person may see that the theme is about- love being self-destructive .

Both of these people are right even though- their viewpoints are a little bit different

let’s take a look at some specific examples ,of things that we might see good versus.

Evil is a very common thing particularly. see that in Science Fiction and Fantasy stories

love which can be portrayed- in a variety of different ways such as parent-child love

love of nature the romantic love ,

we see that in many many different stories ,where those are in movies or novels

Revenge the power of emotion fate and destiny and overcoming obstacles these are things that.

we see repeated -and used in a variety of different ways and lots of different

stories so where are things WHAT IS THEME being used to take a look here here’s.

Some films and movies Star Wars Princess Bride Spider-Man and The Breakfast

Club these have overlapping and interesting :themes with depth and breadth to them.

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Short stories like the lottery The Gift of the Magi in the -Christmas carol

We can see things as well and again people who look at these different stories

me see the what is  theme slightly differently and plays like Romeo and Juliet The Crucible

Fiddler on the Roof .

Guys and Dolls again we see things that are -portrayed through the setting

the characters and the conflicts :Within These plays and in novels like Harry Potter.

2.what is a genesis theme

Twilight Hunger Games, and The Hobbit we see things that are similar between

these novels to all of these novels have themes of overcoming obstacles good versus evil,

and coming of age and each one of them but again readers and viewers will see these .

A little bit differently so how can you identify then, how do you know

when there is a GENESIS THEME .

how do you find it one way is to look at the characters -like Elizabeth,

Bennet Romeo Montague Huckleberry Finn and Jake Gatsby,

they all have things that have to do with them in their stories .

what is a good theme

by looking ,at the characters  and asking what’s going on with these characters

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and how are these characters interacting with others that can lead you to identifying.

3.How to Define Theme In WordPress 

a theme also looking at Conflict by person vs self person vs. Nature person vs. Another in person

vs. Society .

We can locate things by looking at what are the different, conflicts within an individual

story and also looking at setting is another way to identify them looking at the time.

Time of year or time of day Place geography or- topography or even the buildings.

Within a setting that can help lead us to a what is a bootstrap theme e look, at these things

closely and ask questions that can help you identify what is a particular theme to The Story .

One of the easiest way, to find thing is to look at the problems and solutions

that exist within an individual Story look at the challenges barriers issues .

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Conflicts that characters- are facing as they’re moving through the plot

and then look at those possible solutions  Download free wordpress themes that are:

being applied throughout the plot that can help you understand things that’s occurring within the story.

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