Washington state suing agrochemical giant over PCB pollution

Monsanto is also the world leader in biotechnology ninety percent of the GMOs grown on the planet belong to them most of them have been genetically modified to resist the application of Roundup like roundup-ready soybeans Monsanto is ;

GMOs have invaded the planet, but no AG industry product in history has ever incited as much controversy and passion why what’s at stake with GMOs and could the company’s past shed some light on what the; company is or claims to be today founded in St. Louis Missouri in 1901.

Washington state suing agrochemical giant over PCB pollution
It was not always an agricultural company the 20th century chemistry is working for it and very likely mon-sat was working for Monsanto where creative chemistry works wonders for you the wonders boasted about in this commercial made Monsanto ;Sparta me bovine growth hormone PCBs these chemically created oils used worldwide as coolants and lubricants and electrical equipment where the jewels in Monsanto’s; crown for over 50 years they were called our floor in the; United States Parole in France and; cloven in Germany until they were banned in the early nineteen eighties Monsanto PCB a Washington Post article from 2002 Monsanto head decades of pollution it happened in Anniston/

Washington state agrochemical

Alabama Terry was my baby brother of he died in 1971 from Castle’s brains are two lot of brains counts on the lawns offers over hard he was 16 in the last three years I have lost more friends died from illness is ;Castle oh shit without beers your potatoes only different illness that comes with PCBs and they have been related to pieces this is my sandal rope yeah this is all just a black area of minorities that live in this area but everyone at homes was like contaminated they just cleaned that yard up over there to the right about six months ago this was; all homes the people live here and there now they had to move today.

I mean the houses were torn down my brother feel did read around the house is the house I raised to see this grass right here they bear it PCBs all here once and I got permission to bury PCBs and Aniston, and this is no cream right here where they put the cement in here.

It comes from the plant discharged into PCBs always down through him, and it was positive, and they never told anybody what they told the state to state didn’t tells PCB Monsanto new but what exactly did they know an environmental organization in Washington DC headed by can cook has put internal Monsanto;

Washington state suing agrochemical

files online most of them are classified confidential FYI and destroy 1937 exposure to PCBs provokes systemic toxic effects and acne form skin eruption in 1961 to workers developed hepatitis symptoms after a pipe broke in a factory using PCBs in 1966 Monsanto scientists place fish in snow creaks water all were dead in three and a half minutes pollution a letter addressed sales executives in 1970 this is the one that really tells you the story they’re saying we can’t afford to lose one dollar of business their neighbors and Aniston were not told about that the poisoning that they were inflicting upon them because they didn’t want to lose one dollar it was only when lawyers went to ;

court on behalf of people in Anniston and force the company through the legal system to disclose these internal secret documents that we knew what they knew they knew the truth from the very beginning they lied about it they hid the truth from their neighbors they hid the truth in many cases from the government authorities and when they did share information from with government authorities that should have been acted upon the government of authorities instead ;of siding with the people who are being poisoned sided with the company they sided with Monsanto it was outrageous absolutely unforgivable .
What about round up the world’s favorite herbicide use by gardeners and farmers alike what is it exactly it’s the brand name Monsanto gave to glyphosate at a so-called on-selective or total herbicide because it destroys all plants first sold in 1974 it ;owes its great success to Monsanto is unwavering claims that it is biodegradable and good for the environment was your window through four meters above you . between Malaysia girls gossip in the marina tail needed to x1 don’t brood is able to impose e2b roundup biodegradable can cook was right the company was found guilty of false advertising twice the first time was in New York in 1996 and ;

the second was in France just last year the judges found that the wording biodegradable leaves the soil clean and respects the environment for false advertising especially since according to test performed by Monsanto itself only two percent of the product had broken down after ;

28 days that’s why Monsanto recently removed the word biodegradable from its containers but that’s not all many scientific studies ;have shown that Roundup is highly toxic for example roundup provoke ;cell division dysfunction a study by Professor Robert belly professor belly works for the national center for scientific research and the Pierre- Mary Korea Institute in France he studied the effects of Roundup on fertilizer sea urchin eggs .
i Was so the big surprise was that Roundup has an effect on cell division we saw very quickly that roundup affected a key process in cell division, not the cell division mechanisms themselves but those which control cell division foe component- come you have to understand how cells become cancerous dude at the beginning of all cells are benign and then at a certain point modifications take place in the cells that make them unstable from the genetic point of view Astana vision and this is the first malfunction that we observed with Roundup it is for that reason that ;

Washington Attorney General

we consider that Roundup provokes the first stages that lead to cancer musical cells were careful not to say it provokes cancer because .We won’t see the cancers develop for 30 or 40 years sitting on it was immediately clear how important these findings were for product user so school especially since the tested doses were well below those which- people normally use and we said to ourselves scarce we really have to let the public know about the dangers as quickly as we can cereal and I thought the best way to do that was to talk to buy administration also said but there .

I was shocked and very very shocked because I was told ordered rather not to communicate our findings due to the GMO question lurking in the background what an incredible account roundups toxicity was hidden to protect the development- of GMOs so let’s go back to the creation of GMOs according to Monsanto site Roundup-ready soybeans introduced in 1996 where” the first- bioengineered crops to be approved in the United States farmers using these seeds belong to the American Soybean Association whose address is on Monsanto site John Hoffman is its vice president and an ardent biotechnology advocate in the spring .

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