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One house I need a second chance women from all walks of life striving bonded reinventing themselves this has changed my life starting over life has never been this real yeah Tamar is coming over that’s my baby sister and;

I’m excited we’re actually having a little celebration remember and commuting basically inserts into straighten some things out because it’s important towanda daily review to me that I know what’s really going on how many pieces of chicken from with all that oil all of those:

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I don’t fry mine like that or I’m i like my mother I know what I’m doing tamer and I we used to be two; peas in a pod and then our relationship broke when she signed a contract and didn’t tell me about it why are you so fast your bosses yeah you boss me around why do you think that you know I thought I was asking questions I can say get me I really feel that there’s so much more that she wants to say to get off her chest a little flower tomorrow it cannot be my things the chicken burning it is not.


I someone with your life I took the opportunity away from you with this how I felt I did did you find chicken to wander want to date you did I’m using this opportunity to talk to wonder sister Tamar to get another side of the family story any fine details that to wonder is left out you knew that she was hurt no idea i knew at the time when .

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I got my solo deal because they stopped speaking to me what did you think was going on and I didn’t whole I think they’re just upset at me for moving on because we always did everything together and look like she’s isolated herself for having to isolate herself and since she has been with Andre since I has been works .

I don’t know if is Andre who is uncomfortable or to Wanda’s uncomfortable. Because Rogers, I’m going 21 this husband and my sisters has been doingn’t get along so.

Therefore, there seems to be tension between Rwanda and my sister Trina Toni’s husband I don’t get it wrong, so there’s definitely tension there Andre doesn’t get along with the family yeah why do you think that is.

I want to say is I want her no guidance ok you -would spend my na because she don’t need to know Andre has had one disagreement that once silly argument turned into the division between my sister Trina and my sister Towanda and then that puts her in a position where she’s in the middle and I feel bad you can’t choose between your husband and your family you;

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can’t do that to my sharing that this tension between Andre and other members of the Braxton Family wonder why – 12 never said anything about that all right family all to top your system and talk I’d have had to come get a second opinion you are to tell you she’s losing her but today they’re graduating class I’m said could I mentioned Andhra no damn- i know are you doing that then I’m gonna .


Like you feeling a little uneasy or attacked because it seems like you all follow up and attack me he was talking about somebody feeling attacked I felt attacked what Twitter was feeling about me leaving the Braxton wasn’t exactly what I know to be the truth it’s not i was maliciously doing something behind your back what was I supposed to tail oh yeah ti record company is trying to highlight me about this bush don’t tell the girls i like that I’m not arguing with you not without you don’t know I’m just saying that was my-my experience my experience my feeling .

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I did what I had to do not have felt like I did what was right at that time and I felt like I was being punished for talking about it to mommy and my oldest sister who went through that forgive me for not being open and available for you to talk to because maybe.I wasn’t doing something at the time for you to feel comfortable to continue to speak to me about tamer.We r rebuilding a relationship in a better way it’s good you know open communication no judgments and all that,

so I’m excited I don’t want there to be a division or everybody was a perfect family but I still feel like you know through the obstacles that we’ve had we can have what is close to where the perfect families into but to be close that’s the same thing i feel i am so glad that team or came to see me this was an emotional but fulfilling

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