How to Get a Website to the First page of Google-Top ranking Factor

google ranking factorsWhat the 99% rule is for SEO and it’s the only rule that you need

enough to get up to the top of the search engines .

This is what helping you get and more visitors left bounce back

and really google in 1998 tricks this is what- we can I use the same.

Methodology to get ,60 million dollars worth of free traffic per month

to their site if they, top ranking Factor had to ,pay for this traffic

it would be worth:

60 million dollars per month anywhere from 45 and 60 goes up and down.

Depending on the “competition stuff but this is really not a complex,

procedure and really an easy thing to do.

Top google ranking factors

A lot of people are using this, because they’re looking for a complicated

thing and then if you actually do- this and work on this .

Do a good job he will be at the highest searches whatever word you

want to want to be on it’s top google ranking factors just a simple step method.

First let’s get into,how to add website in google webmaster  what you need

to ask” yourself before we get into”

this and that’s what is Google really want ;and that’s a really good question .

google ranking algorithm

Google is the one that’s being honest that brings in all the online traffic

what is Google really want and it comes down to one word relevance Google ‘

what’s relevant.

SEOmoz top ranking google  factors

If you want to be on the top of the search and your site has to be

relevant but for the people SEOmoz who are searching  for example.

I type in Los Angeles attorneys and it looks like La city.Org came up and that’s

because of the 99% rule 99% of the, people who click on this or try to find over

The majority, let’s say that is the most relevant to Google that’s

what they want the ,majority and I use 99% as.

SEO ranking factors website

What you should use as a- psychological premise: of of trying to think of

What you need for keywords google ranking factors mobile will get into that shortly but before

we get into how Google determines your ,site is relevant within the surges.

Most important search engine ranking factors

Let’s talk about other” what other people are doing and that you should

never ever do, and this is what typically happens when hiring a CEO Company.

First you get all these keywords you know our people say

hey he’s google places ranking factors only keyboard .

I want to write on in this really happens ,all the time with people saying:

google ranking factors 2017

I want to go on all these keywords: software this and that and really most

of the keywords are not they don’t represent the site at all you know.

 Factors dc government

If they kinda do but not a ,hundred percent you know and for example we are

working with this company and we’re partners with this company actually do .

They thought of using a keyboard) best dating sites and what happens is

they will post a Google put you on the searches top ranking Factor,

for best  Delete Google Analytics Account site .

When you look at the best dating sites people really want the best dating

sites they want maybe some reviews: or whatever and and that’s it

come up .

When people go to the site and let’s say you use the keyword best dating sites

and Google rank you on the second third page of it .

You go to the page people going to get bored and then going to bounce

off like trigger and so how does Google know your site is relevant .

Website directory importance

What way is the time the user is on the page in this is called engagement the more

engaged the user is the more Google will want to wreck your:

site higher on the search engines .

How does Google know if people, are getting on your side and your

side is relevant and will put you on the search engines list that you put some metal tags .

Keywords for wikipedia google ranking  something that you want and then Google will send, a little bit

of traffic to your site as a test and then don’t I’m not trying to tell people.

How long they are on the side and it :relevance: to the content how much contents

other side so if you have a lot of paragraphs .

ranking algorithm change

One of the things that people what do they want to find 99% of the time

in this is really really really important this is the premise of the video and was

going on here .

A keyword outline

What keywords are they searching, for you can you use that in your website

and put those keywords that they’re searching for that that’s relevant to your site .

Only those keywords are} relevant she said typically I don’t like to have

too many keywords per page.

I like to say this is the reason for keywords that are relevant to this page

the site and that’s it and what people tend to do if they tend to fragment.

Your home page and they were there somewhere that was if you don’t

want a lot of that we want to say generally .

get google ranking of a website

This is what we all wear Los Angeles XYZ or were very specific about this

your other stuff Pages within the site now.

keyword rank formula

You could fragment that and :you could say  that specific to this you’ll have a dentist

and he says well I’m lost I don’t get it but, then he get out of pages that talks

about maybe oral surgery.

A root canals and stuff like Google business email setup that but you don’t want to put that on your

site unless you are improve google ranking very special :and that makes it .

What are they looking for so they can find you and what do they want to

find 99% of time to think about it .

I’m 9% of your target audience ,would not use that particular keyword the rule

of thumb is do not use that keyboard.

I see so many people how to increase google page ranking trying to do a

lot of a lot of keywords google webmaster tools on her on her:

page and it’s just not working  will happen if people go to your page will get bored.

get website ranking fast in 2017

They’ll bounce off like Trigger again you’ll go down and down on the search engines

and that’s not good what you want, to do is and here’s the six steps number 1 :

have the right key words on your page because like we talked about

over to get placed on Google, as a test and we help you do that you .

Organic keyword rank check daily

Could place on blogs you could do a little back thinking and stuff like

that to do that you can go into other videos that teach you how to do backlinking .

You really want to just let people know about your site to put it on Facebook

and stuff like that top ranking Factor let people know and then Google will see all .

They got some traffic when you bring them a little higher than test you out

and then people will go to your page and see the people go to your page .

You’ll see that they’re getting exactly what they want to force them and then

you’ll get: ranked higher and higher they stay on that page Google rank

higher and then people will start even sharing you so this is a really really good.


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