The Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your website in 2017

google adsense alternatives 2017

How many times have you applied to your AdSense account and have been rejected?

There could be several or more times. Are you trouble approving the AdSense program to get?

Most new Adsense bloggers asked often and are disappointed after being many ad networks share a good amount of revenue for the publisher.


  • To be honest, although there are a lot of ad networks, there is no real alternative to AdSense. AdSense is always the best advertising network. Therefore, I will share some Ad-sense alternatives.


If you are one of them that has not been approved by adsense alternatives for publishers or banned from AdSense, you can use the following networks try. You can also use these networks with AdSense to increase your sales. Here is the list of,alternative search engines 2017 which are similar to Google AdSense.



Bidvertiser best publisher for any site, pay-per-click can be a good alternative if AdSense no Adsense approval or forbidden to receive. The way this works is a bit different from Adsense.

Though Adsense showing the frame or interest of the visitor’s ads based on a bidding system that can advertise your blog the highest bidder.

  • First, you can not make money because it can be found in the most offering a little time to your website takes to get. So, stay longer.


  • Bidvertiser offers text ads, banners, mobile ads, slide ads, etc. You can also earn money by promoting your custom toolbar. The minimum payment is $ 10 for PayPal / AlertPay and check $ 50.

google adsense publisher alternative in 2017

Media is one best alternative for AdSense. It is powered by a network of contextual ads, Yahoo and Bing. It allows publishers to earn money from advertising revenue.
It offers individual blocks ads that are tailored to the appearance of the site. It also shows ads to mobile phone users and tablets.



Infolinks is a bit different from other ad networks. It is an advertising text program. Are not represented at many of the areas your website requires.

  • It is displayed in text ads or pop-up ads. You can use it safely with AdSense.

Infolinks offers four types of display: Infold, INTEXT, Intag, and InFrame. They are all developed to overcome blindness banner. Minimum payment threshold from $ 50 to $ 100 for Paypal or bank transfer.

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4.Amazon Native Ads

Program Amazon offers the largest subsidiary in the world. But you know he also has an advertising program.

Yes, ads called mother Amazon shopping. There may be a possible AdSense alternative when you receive EE traffic. UU. In his blog. There are three types of ads: recommendation ads, search ads and ads.

  1. It provides highly relevant product products on an ad reply that can be placed on your blog / site anywhere.
  2. Displays based on the categories selected and the content of your blog ads.
    If you write about products on your blog, you can try native Amazon ads. google adsense alternative


  • Adversal is the best alternative regarding AdSense ads. He has a great CTR. You need to have monthly page views of 40,000 to implement this networks.


  • The minimum payment is $ 20, and payment is PayPal, ACH, check or bank transfer. It has an affiliate program as well.

Viglink is different from another ad network. Converts common link to affiliate links. When someone makes a purchase via your link, you receive a commission out of it.

For example, if you mentioned a publication on the iPhone or iPhone in an ad, add new VigLink automatically affiliate links or links to existing affiliate links convert.
Viglink works very well based e-commerce site.

BuySellAds is an advertising market that connects with publishers with advertisers. It is a bit different from the other advertising networks I was talking about here.


  1. While other CPC or CPM paid advertising networks, BuySellAds by direct mail. It acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. And costs 25% of the transaction.


  • However, it is difficult to get BuySellAds for consent. You need to have a good amount of traffic to get approval. So, if you are still struggling with the consent of AdSense, do not try BuySellAds. Getting BuySellAds approval is harder than AdSense. But it is a good addition to AdSense.


Next Alternative is Google AdSense Chitika. If you are tired forAdSense approval, you can try sign up for Chitika. No need to get approval for Chitika ads on your site to use. This means that you can monetize your site with little traffic Chitika.

  • Simply create an account and post ads on your site.


  • It has three types of ads: search-based ads, local business ads, and mobile classifieds. Is PPC rate that AdSense are not as good.

2017 best google adsense alternatives

9.Propeller Ads

I owe this list Propeller AdSense ads because many people have propeller ads offered in the particular replacement comment.

Helix Ads is an advertising network in the UK. It is a CPM advertising network that pays for 1000 impressions.


If you have traffic from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, it will work fine for you.
There are different types of products OnClick ads PopUnder, mobile ads, classified ads cursor layer advertisements, video ads, etc. Paid by bank transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney and prepaid cards.


Adsterea Premium Advertising Network for Publishers and Advertisers. It has CPM rates with higher global coverage. Publishers can receive timely payments through Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, and Paxum Payza.
If you get an unlimited amount of traffic to your blog you can try Adsterea to maximize their revenue.


  • Similar Skimlinks Viglinks. It is one of the affiliate programs centers. It is integrated with thousands of affiliate programs, so it is not necessary to connect.
  • It will automatically change your products links affiliate links. When you base an e-commerce site on this work is going very well for you. But it works well for bloggers who write about products.


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