Top Fundamentals of Market Research keyword

best market keyword in search engine optimizationFor achieving Success in your business the most crucial thing is a proper market research and selecting the profitable product.

Those who do not an emphasis of this, face failure while running their business.

It is important to read this chapter with care.The tactics which differentiate between the guy making loads of money by ranking sites and an average Joe is obviously Good market research.


  • For gaining from your business, you need to follow a guy who has knowledge about the profitable and golden keywords that are easier to rank rather than following someone else Who wants that he ranks for payday loans or keyword weight loss.

Following the first guy you too can have the chances of making money from the keywords and that too in minimum time frame.

1.Search Engine Optimization fundamentals of market Research

This is obviously a practical approach to the situationAs an instructor, even till now when some of my students ask me through emails about keyword researching and obviously about making money online, I always reply that UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO TARGET THE PRODUCT NAMES,

YOU MUST NOT DIVE INTO SEO-AFFILIATE MARKETING.You may think that what‟s the use of CAPS here? This shouting with CAPS is for stressing emphasizing on the point.

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keyword market reasearch

  • There may be only two or three sites in my total 6-year experience of online marketing where Understanding product name keywords Confused with the term product name keyword?
  • These are those keywords that contain name of products in them.

As iPhone 6 is a product name and the keyword may be iPhone 6 accessories. Other examples of product name keyword are Bellaplex, Zeta C lear , Wartrol, Derma Nova Pro, Digestit Colon C leanse, Sunergetic, etc.
If you think about it, you would find that it makes sense.

  • Just think about a guy who is searching for „how to get rid of belly fat.‟ There are maximum chances that this guy has a fat tummy and all he is looking for is gathering information about getting rid of that. This guy is notin mood of buying nay product rather all that he wants is  some free information from the Internet.

2.Basic market Research for user Thinking

Now, if he would have searched for “Flat tummy X60” (just an example) you can understand that he is in buying mood. He is looking for some PRODUC T with which he can reduce his tummy.

May be he has done his primary research, and now he is looking for some more information on the product All that is needed here is a little push so that he purchase the product). So this is where your affiliate site would come into play.

  • So with it, you can make sales and money at the end. This is as simple as that. After we have got the understanding of product name keywords you need to conduct another test.
  • Although you cannot expect to get 100% accurate results same as the Google Keyword Planner, where you cannot expect 100% exact search volume still you would get a fair idea about how the product chosen by us just now would have demand in the market presently or in near future.

top keyword reaseach method

3.Volume search engine optimization

The reason that we are performing that test is to be sure that we are choosing a product that would help us make money. Now for that we need to turn to Google trends. With it you would get the idea if the product would be profitable in the coming days and if there would be demand for it.
you may find that sometimes this step is skipped as it is assumed that when products are searched, people do have the interest in them. A product that is being searched continuously and has some historical records wouldbe considered as an ideal product. Even with sharp downward and upward trend.

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