How to choose top CPA offers that pay high commission sales

find CPA offersAre you want best top CPA offer that pay high commission.

Today i share with your best Cpa method for high sale commission.

You can check out maxbounty account offers.

I’m going to talk about how to pick a good cpa offer now this may sound self-explanatory.

You may think that is really easy to pick an offer,

but some people get in the mindset that they can just promote anything to anyone.

It’s going to convert and then the question themselves”

when they don’t make a lot of money because the offers not converting.

top CPA offers

What is CPA offer to promote and make money


You can make easy money if you choose right CPA offers in any  Affiliate network.

You’re going to know that I’m with Maxbounty you can be with it you can be with a network of your choice.

But if you want to sign up to max bounty and make money with promote offers link.

Now I’m just going to search for best a campaign.

  • I actually have some examples up here but I’m just going to get to them in a second now.
  • One thing to consider when you’re picking an offer is the EPC.

Now the EPC basically means your earnings per click.

If we take a simple one here it’s two dollars 50 per lead and each person is worth 25 cents according to this EPC,

so on average it’s going to take us 10 people to get a conversion of two dollars 50 now EPC is a great.Promote Clickbank Products

make money with cpa offers

You can kind of Judge a campaign on the EPC and get a feel for it.

But some offers are new, and they don’t have an EPC,

and some of us have really bad EPC.

Because people just spam really bad traffic to it,

so it’s going to take the EPC down so well the EPC is important you need to look at a couple of other factors before you decide.

How to find best CPA offers that convert

I will give you some tricks tofind best offers with any CPA network that convert.

If you’re going to run the author Okay so I have some examples up here of some good and some bad campaigns with maxbounty.

EPC Promotion example bad and good

So landing page number one is divine eat and it’s promoting a free recipe book,

so if you have a cooking demographic people that like to cook at home this will be a perfect book for you to promote. Instagram With CPA Marketing

Because you can see it has a nice background of what looks like spaghetti bolognese with a rectangle shape.

The graphic on top now just looking at it nice and clean it pretty much says,

what it is and it’s a free recipe book,

You have to click here for your free book and into your email now another reason.

This offer is really great is because there’s not just the email submit.

CPA offer with bings

There’s actually a Facebook login page,

Fcabeook offers leads

so all people have to do is click that just going to lock them in automatically.

( Best Affiliate Programs for CPA )

Top network maxbounty that pay high sale commission for all publisher.

You’re going to get a conversion within a second this is a great offer to promote.

If you’ve got the right traffic Okay so here is another visa gift card email submit.

This one is actually a boom beach email submit which is a game on the app store do you believe.

Make money with CPA offers with bing ads


You can make money with run a bing CPA ads and promote link.

I know it’s something like clash of clans so as you can see yes again.

It looks nice it looks clean the graphic looks great the emails submit is above the fold.

Bings ads also good for all type CPA networks.

We don’t have to scroll down to see the email submit and it’s labeled nicely in steps it tells us exactly what we’re going to be getting.

make money with CPA for beginners

We’re going to load up on diamonds whatever they are and to do that we need to enter our email.Google CPM and CPC

If people want to get diamonds they might as well give it a try they just got around to their email click Submit.

You’re going to get conversion which is fair enough.

Now the next product here is actually a hair product and you’re going to get commission.

Best market CPA promotion with facebook,Bing ads


CPA offers with facebook ads marketing too much easy for all beginners Affiliate programe new user.

When someone buys it now this is a great example of an amazing landing page for several reasons.

Just looking at the page it looks really nice really pleasing the colors contrast well the product stands out.k

It shows really clearly what the product does with a before and after shot but you can tell what it is without even scrolling down and reading it.

It says here you can get your free trial bottle today with an arrow pointing to get my package.

CPA offers with facebook promotion

As you can see to get your package it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Top paying finding offers tricks

  1. It we’ve just got to fill this out here now another great feature about this landing page is you may have noticed up here.
  2. It’s got a warning due to extremely high TV demand there’s a limited supply and it’s actually got a countdown.
  3. So people are going to see this they’re going to scroll down and they’re going to remember about this countdown and be enticed to make a quick decision.
  4. This is going to convert it just looks great throughout and there’s a lot of consistency in this.

Highest paying niches for CPA Offers


Now on to my bad examples now I also have to make it even to email submits on one beauty product.

First really bad offer now believe it or not I didn’t exactly choose this,

because it looks really ugly I chose this because of the unrealistic ones of the offer.

For starters it doesn’t even have a capital letter receive a five-hundred-dollar visa gift card.

When you complete our short survey now.Make Money On Social Media

If you asking me a short survey for a five hundred dollars just does not add up really people are already wary of what they put their email in.

What they click on if they come to this page is they’re going to skip straight off,

because this does not seem reasonable at all and also on the preview page.

here are best way to find top CPA network offers that pay per sale high commission.

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