Top Best 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For any WordPress website

Websites made easy to our TV in this video I’m going to be taking you through our top seven plugins we use here at websites made easy on all of our websites you plugins for Photoshop  should be looking to try news some.

best free plugins for wordpress

If not all of these plugins.As they will benefit your business grow your audience and drive more traffic to your website follow along with me step by step top best 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins  as I take you through each plug-in explaining how they work and the benefits that you will start to see also;

every plug on number seven is SEO friendly images.

Best wordpress plugins

This nifty little plugin improved traffic from search engines which are exactly what. We want SEO friendly images automatically updates best wordpress gallery plugin all your images on your website with proper alt and title attributes for SEO purposes the-

alt attribute is an important part of search engine optimization it described two images to search engines so that when users search for a certain image this is the key to determining factor for a matching title also plays an important role as this text will automatically appear in the-

tooltip when the mouse is over the image a simple plug-in but extremely effective your website which is customizable; share bar and short codes you can insert these buttons into your posts sidebars.

10 must have wordpress plugins

Top widgets for website

People visiting your website can easily like and share your content with friends and social media there are lots of social bookmarking buttons available which ;can be used in many possible ways rearranged how you like and used as required;

WordPress security plugins

we found it to be a very powerful plug into use number five is contact form ;7 this plugin enables you to add a contact form to your website it’s super easy to use once installed all you do is head over to contact, and you can either edit then form easily you can use contact form 7 to add a lead magnet it’s the difference between; a few subscribers”

a day to hundreds this topic is too large for the small video.
But you can find out a lot more on setting up lead magnets over on our website, and number four is Yost Google SEO which is a complete WordPress SEO plugin that; exists today it incorporates everything from a Google snippet preview and page analysis functionality which and WordPress SEO a template and I’ll have to think about ;

Recommended plugins for word press

t snippet preview lets you see what all of this would look like in a Google search is; well worth having a look at your Google SEO next is number three, and you do not want to miss this plugin. It’s literally doubled our email opt-

in subscribers since we started using it it’s called sumo me list builder and for good reason list builder converse one time visitors into lifelong readers and email subscribers because we all work hard to get people to visit our sites this beautiful”

this build a lightbox make sure that your visitors subscribe to email list and come back for more it attacks the exact moment when visitors are about to leave, and immediately a light box pops up asking for the visitors email address.

Plugins directory

this is often for something that they just can’t refuse because it’s something so valuable it’s also completely customizable and free this is huge and can be a game changer; for business.If done correctly I haven’t got time in this video to go through setting this plugin up but I’ve got step-

by-step; a tutorial that covers how to quickly get this working on you

websites made easy. TV so go and check that out number two is Google XML sitemaps and at first this plug-in might look a bit confusing but don’t worry it really isn’t this plug-in generates XML sitemaps which means it helps search engines like Google index your website;

much better and for the information on your site to be retrieved more efficiently which results in much more traffic and higher rankings; in search results who doesn’t want that well this plug-in does exactly that so I definitely suggest going to have a look at Google XML sitemaps here .

top wordpress plugins 2016

We are at number one our number one plug-in, and this is our most powerful and favorite plugin.

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