Top 6 Words With Meanings that will Surprise You In English Language

I know that you think English is a very confusing language and you’re right it’s a very confusing language many students have come to me and said but _

I checked in the dictionary, and this is what it means and I say yes but there are several meanings; in the dictionary which one did you choose ;

and everybody looks at me and going the one that says in the dictionary little hint for all of you all of you studying English many top 6 words with meanings -have more than one meaning and the dictionary doesn’t list them in the order that you need them it just gives you definitions you need to look at the context what is the sentence around this word you’re not understanding ,i had a chosen few examples.

6 word english meaning

Basic English Language Concept

I’m talking about I think all of you know this word where you wear clothes you wear a tie you wear glasses so most of you think this is a verb about clothes ok did you know that this can also be a noun now the mound where and the verb where have absolutely no relationship the noun where although it can also be used as a verb basically means to make less to make more week ok for example.

If you put a lot of friction if you rub something a long time the material will become less and less so for example look at my jeans.


If I do this many times eventually my knee area will wear and then when this area is worn ok there will be a hole here and then these genes will have so much where that public people will laugh at me that’s not good now usually we talk about wear and tear.

This is the use of materials now for example if you have anything with moving parts your car for example you drive you drive you drive you drive eventually things to start to break and fall apart why because of the wear on the parts metal rubbing against metal the metal becomes less becomes a week ok so that’s where ”

Complex meaning and word In English

I think everybody knows this word meet you’re gonna meet your friends you’re going to meet for drinks okay great did you know that this work can also be a noun you thinking meet now and can be but it can when for example recently you’ve seen the Olympics the Olympics is the biggest swim meet in the world it’s the biggest gymnastics meet in the world the biggest track and field meet in the world.

english grammer meanings

I meet basically means an event and usually we’re talking about a sports event but meat as a verb also has other meanings besides meet someone you can meet expectations your boss wants you to be able to do this much work in a week let’s say ”

if you can meet expectations means you can finish all that work that your boss wants you to do right nothing to do with other ppl has to do with the work your meeting expectations your meeting deadlines etc mean now most of you I think know this word you think it means mean like not nice as an adjective this word can also be a noun now I’m shocking you i know but what does mean mean as a noun well for example some of you are going to be taking the IELTS exam you have a reading score a listening score speaking scored a writing score the university’s they want to see- your mean score what does that mean you mean okay and basically means your average if you take all the four scores the mean is where these come in the middle in the average.

You have to be careful to use this as an adjective as an adjective sometimes as a noun -someone that says have you taken a TOEFL exam yes what was the mean oh it was 70 congratulations you’re going to university next make, make everybody knows make this is one of the first verbs you learn in English right to make to create to build something here is another-

little shocker, it’s also a noun let’s say you’re calling tech support your computer is not working very well you call tech support the first question the tech support guy is going to ask you is what’s the, make of your computer and you say i don’t want to make a computer.

Easy speaking words

I want to fix my computer and using well yes but what’s the make so make basically means the maker or the manufacturer is Lee who made it so the make of my computer for example is a sir maybe yours is Dell or Apple or Toshiba etc so the make who made it now these two are funny ones because either used usually and as slank whoops sorry milk of course you evolve drink evolved drunk milk of all drunk water these are very delicious drinks but that’s not what we’re talking about here do you know that milk and water can both be verbs now there’s, of course, the literal meaning of milk – milk is to milk a cow to squeeze the milk out of account to water means to pour water or something over your garden we are on but in slang.

It has a completely different meaning to milk something or to milk someone is to get out of it as much as possible ok so for example your friend is very rich and very generous and he likes to give out money so you try to milk him for every penny he has maybe not a nice thing to do but people do it anyway that’s what milk means to milk someone to water we usually say to water down to water down means to make less intense a little similar to wear but different to water down means to make it less intense a little bit weaker so for example if you’re reading a business report and you have to explain to your customer the business sit a situation for example:

english books

Best verbal meaning

If you give them all these technical words that they won’t know what you mean you need to water it down for them you need to make it simpler so you put less technical words you make the sentences a little bit easier to understand you explain the situation in everyday words you make it less intense so they don’t get scared good now you think ok wow I know all these new words that I already knew but I didn’t know so now.

You’re thinking well how am I supposed to know other words by myself without me here with out Adam here to explain them use context and of course use your dictionary; if you look at your dictionary all of these meetings are there the thing doesn’t take the first meaning a dictionary gives you because it maybe it’s not the one you need look at the context -what is around the word what is the situation the word is being used in and then look for something in the dictionary that matches that context and that’s how you will improve your English .

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