Top 38 Safest Cars, Trucks And SUVS For 2017 Released And Reviews

Meet the 2017 jaguar f pace Jaguars first crossover or as a company like to say a performance SUV now last year Jaguar sold about 15,000 cars in America let me put that in perspective for you Lexus sold about a hundred thousand of there are ex-

model which will compete directly against this now Jaguar is hoping that this car is going to increase their sales significantly. Well let’s see what they’ Safest Cars, Trucks And SUVS for 2017 ve built by taking it for a ride yeah when you do give me the beans it will play likes to an end and it does beat you up especially coming over these expansion joints longer has turn yeah it does like the play.

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I could see myself having a little fun ;on the weekend with his own things here’s my favorite feature of this new pace it has to do with what I’m wearing on my wrist and this-this is called the activity key a don’t need batteries you just need a new FPS and here’s how it works let’s pretend .


I’m out spring skiing since I’m in Aspen and I want to go and hit the slopes I throw all my gear and I’m not wearing into the car that’s right.

I throw the key in the car as; well I close the car to open up the against the j car locks and I’m ready to drive home how cool is that Jaguar was kind enough to bring me to Aspen in TFLs backyard to test drive this F pace and the one thing that you immediately learn about Colorado when you move here especially in the early summer is that the weather can change and you know that’s almost perfect conditions for testing this F pace because let’s face it the reason people love crossovers is because of this ;ability for them to go anywhere in all kinds of weather.

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We’ve got an all-wheel-drive system that can make the car feel like it’s rear-wheel drive like right now yeah more when the weather turns nasty- it can appropriate power 5050 front and back to give you that all with the confidence you’re jonesing for death pace you’re in luck because they’re already on sale they start at about forty-one thousand dollars .

If you get the more powerful we have 80 horsepower for tradition that it’s 56,000 why the Jaguar decided to build a crossover or a sports yeah performance SUV as you ;guys like to say that performance SUV segment actually the fastest growing segment of the automotive industry and with the introduction ;of this car and then the XC the compact sports sedan that we introduced it actually opens up almost triple the market potential that we have right now with our existing three-

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car lineup and paste drive now it’s not a sports car it is around their lively acceleration is crisp engine notice fine like a well aged wine it’s not too out it’s ; not too intrusive again it’s not enough to be there.

You know that you’re behind the wheel of a supercharged thanks the FPS competes with cars like the BMW x3 the Porsche Macan and in case you’re wondering how big it is it’s a hundred eighty-six inches what does that mean well it splits the difference right between the BMW x3 and the BMW x5 so it’s kind of in between the two inside it’s a very nice place it’s very conservative but you have these two massive screens you also, of course, have the traditional Jaguar hockey puck shifter all right let’s talk; about the interior ya got two screens here both RL TV right yeah this is 10 . 2 inches hard .
Because that that’s twelve point three inches this comes standard as part of our new navigation system in control touch pro Yeah one of the things that have always been kind of my personal issue with Jaguars is that this was always slow and cumbersome have you spent it up absolutely ;yeah you have a intel quad core processor that runs a 60 gig hard drive solid state hard drive yeah all connected with ethernet automotive ethernet so very very quick very responsive both these seats are set for where I Drive as you can tell I have plenty of legroom I have plenty of headroom ;

it’s very comfortable it’s very bright in here and here is my favorite feature check this out look at that an electric reclining rear seat now that is luxury there’s also the ability to selectively change your dynamic modes as well to turn the engine response to normal or dynamic; gearshift normal dynamic steering normal dynamic full customization so I think when you put it in sport mode it makes the steering ;little more responsive it makes the seneschal bit firmer it;

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changes where the shift points are yeah so the valving in the dampers changes. You get a little bit stiffer and stiffer ride better handling better throttle response quicker chefs and this way to the steering as you mentioned as does the heavy up a little bit so what is going to ;make this Jaguar a sales success like the Lexus well there’s a lot of features that are unique to this vehicle first and foremost it’s built out of well about eighty-one percent aluminum.
Which makes it very light and very modern because that’s one of the materials that’s becoming involved in the industry if you think about these cars and being a spectrum of performance spectrum with let’s say this side being the least on this side being the most performance oriented than the Lexus RX is over here, and the Porsche Macan is over here and i think the f pace is probably over here so one, and that’s ten it’s probably about me maybe ;a seven it’s quite Lively points in your head steering is some what communicative in the cars flying I’m taking these terms pretty quickly the car’s not leaning the car’s not allowing the corner in other words understeer it’s very neutral.

I think my favorite part of the interior is the “customizable TFT screen on the in control patch process we may do that look because I’m you control it all through the menu button there is that once more and go to display settings to the right and click map,

for example, ok and now you’ll have your-your full-screen map up here on this display rather than pretty tall car 8.4 inch of the ground ;clearance which means it’s carrying this weight up high and obviously for sports car do you want all that way to below but with modern electronics it doesn’t matter that much anymore it’s remarkable women are like this can achieve I think in challenge design is real; the magic sauce you have a lot of f-type derived design features here the rear launch of the vehicle is straight from f-type Drive from f-type.

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the back into the car the tail lights you’ve got a familial design language as well where it’s instantly recognizable as a Jaguar you have anywhere from a 19-inch wheels and a 22 inch we always do for food yeah all season tires are standard; you can get a summer performance tire with the 22-inch wheels as well the interior is very reminiscent of the XF is that on purpose it’s absolutely on purpose both the X f the ;f pace and the AXI share common architecture the dash layout is very very simple it’s rear-wheel drive bias .

I ninety percent of the torque is ordinarily ;driven the rear wheels you can drift the car which is really fun it also a push up to ninety percent of the torque to the front wheels as needed wow so it drives like a rear-wheel-drive car yeah if there’s ice or snow you can appropriate power the front wheels we call it a ;Jaguar intelligent driveline dynamics .

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