Top 10 Worst Cities in Ohio Explained Expose

Worst Cities in Ohio

There’s certainly lots of places in the Buckeye State that are nice in fact

most of the Midwest might be jealous.

If they saw some of the best places Ohio has to offer while a few places in Ohio or

truly fabulous there’s a significant number of sites, here that outright suck the

worst parts, of Ohio you know when you”

see them the other parts of Ohio where you don’t want to go.
If you can help Worst Cities in Ohio it the golden days to highlight :

the city’s no higher than the worst of them all how do we do it.
We mentioned things most bad cities have you know, where people are broke a lot of people don’t have a job of our crime sky-high. We measured the public school education levels.

Worst cities in the world

Let’s get started shall we begin our first stop on our unfavorable journey through Ohio starts. Kanye a city right along the Pennsylvania state line along Lake Erie when you look at the data coming.

Worst Cities in Ohio
It’s a crummy place to live the unemployment rate is far above the state average

and incomes and home prices” are far below most other Ohio cities plus I’m not here Connie it also has one:
Of the least number of sunny days in Ohio to work tonight,

the worst place to live in the entire state of Ohio the: people that Toledo won’t be too happy to hear it.But it’s you why lots of reasons public schools are very overcrowded homes of the night cheapest in the entire state and Toledo is the second most violent place in Ohio.
It sounds like you don’t watch your back in some areas of Toledo you’ve gonna have

a bad time however high schools from”

Toledo have 16 state basketball titles goatee town.
Just off of i-71 in the southwestern part of the state is Wilmington the seed

of Clinton County everything about Wellington is below average except the home prices.

Cities are run by democrats

For instance the entire state, the job seems bad not only are more than seven percent: of folks out of work here: but income levels mean most:

families struggle, to make ends meet and for a decent job you have to schlep all the way: into Cincinnati or Columbus back and forth every day for work yeah on a positive note Wilmington,

has a skyline chili .

worst neighborhoods in columbus ohio
A Walmart that’s cool continuing our worst, fear of Ohio we come to Cambridge sure

they put a lot of work into,
sprucing the downtown- but the numbers indicate that most people would take a pass on living here,

permanently everything in Cambridge is below the state average home prices.

Jobless rates are in the bottom third and” income level schools, and crime were in the bottom twenty percent yikes what’s good about living in Cambridge.
Well, they have a courthouse light, show every holiday season, so if that’s your thing, then Cambridge would be fabulous.

Air pollution world

If you took your beat-up car east Columbia’s along i-70 before it even overheated you come to Zanesville, Ohio you might want to keep on driving sure Zanesville is full; of good people with good values.
For the most part,

However it’s certainly not Worst Cities in Ohio a place to aspire, to move to when you consider that the jobless rate is 10 to the state and income levels mean most folks struggle to,
make ends meet every month especially in some of the rural areas on the south

side of town.

10 worst cities to live in in ohio
Janesville is well known by law enforcement as a hub for drug traffickers what’s good about


Well, who needs a steak and shake when you have Tom’s ice cream mmm,

and for entertainment options. We have to mention that there are several:

Redbox rental machines bill movies, hey you know, to you -in part by Clippers on: Martin Luther King Boulevard East Cleveland come on. Your hair was done and they do a Titan right that’s Clippers on MLK g we built this city we built this city.

Traffic in Ohio
Now it sucks welcome to Lima the fifth first : place to live in, Ohio or should we call it

Lima what makes l-

town such a lousy place to live several words can be used dumpy lookers drugs trashy

panhandlers poor.

I mean that cap and Elm streets are just shitty : Lima has the fifth cheapest homes.

The 11 horas community and the 15th most dangerous streets even the area near the lime of Police Department scrappy” what’s positive about living here well the people ”

I make more money than the people in Cleveland,.They can brag about that if they want to wake up along the lake is, the really from the city of Asheville” dealer there’s a reason they call it crashed you may not know it.

list of worst cities in ohio

Worst neighborhoods in ohio
But according to the number of incidents per person estate Buena is the

workplace in Ohio for a crime, there’re lots of reasons.

Why homes are the cheapest estate here, it’s a poor drug-infested place where no one with any : aspirations to succeed in life which arrived on a positive note since it.
Looks like some of the areas near Ashtabula County :

have some of the states you could probably earn: some extra money on the weekends

just make sure to save some for”

your friends and shocking and chill copy they’re always ready to buy just outside of Cleveland is East

Cleveland and despite the fact .

Places in cleveland ohio

Most of this community is still buzzing about ,

the cab’s winning the NBA title let’s face: it.

East Cleveland sucks the only thing that ‘s notwrong about East Cleveland is the schools are some of the most, funded and states but judging by the way the adults act it doesn’t seem to matter.

worst cities in ohio 2017
How much money you thought the kids East: Clevelanders grow up to be lazy East Cleveland .A second state for number of people out Worst Cities in Ohio of work and for poverty and has, the fifth worst crime:
have on the wrong :hat in the wrong neighborhood is: Cleveland you’re going to get ice you better play safe you want to stay out of trouble, but it can’t be that bad here canĂ­t, after all, someone selling these handsome.

Top 10 Worst Cities in Ohio Explained Expose

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