Facebook Create Timeline movie make:How to Use Look back

facebook timeline movie maker does not workI just saw another change on Facebook timeline movie make

leaving my house now ,

I’m actually using this for the first -time myself so you actually say exactly .

What I am doing the very first time I wanted -to because sometimes when you need,

it you to go thru something and then you want to go back to record video.

it’s not the same ,so facebook timeline movie maker alternative

I thought I would just record video and just basically go

with me tomorrow -so let’s try accessing it online.

Let’s just see what this is Rainsville Al thank you hello Kinko’s absolutely ,

navigate to facebook.Com forward slash look back you can view your video and also because

button to share your baby to your timeline .

But if you want, to stay here but if you’re going to have to take a- few steps to be able to download

it you need to be in bike Chrome browser download Chrome and install it .

facebook timeline movie maker not working

and then open it up and log in to Facebook once you’re there ,

you’re going to want to go to the link- that I shared that’s over and pick her up at 5

because it’s all based on the name.

Jas and copy all the clients from 1 to 40 by- highlighting its head control C I know you’re

going to want to go back to Facebook.

you can be on any page on Facebook and open up your your JavaScript console ,

and you can do that by going to Tools in JavaScript console or just by pressing Ctrl shift and J and

facebook timeline movie maker doesn’t work same time.

so I’m going to open that up and now, I have my console open at the bottom

here and I’m going to take -control be the case in all that stuff .

But I’m getting up and I’m not -there to skin cancer and I’m going to get a pop up now

and then pop ,up as a URL to my video.

facebook timeline movie make

so, I can just take control CD to copy it -or not okay and I said okay think about it ,

and then go to a new window prioria and there’s no now that I just found the video

showing .

I can do to save it or go back up facebook timeline movie maker for pages

to the menu -again in the same- page and then just ,

say the video will be saved as an mp4 in HD quality ,

and then you can go backto your profile page ,and you upload photos

or video- and then upload copy of that video.

Facebook Create Timeline movie make

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