The true history of thanksgiving in 2017

The Thanksgiving holiday with the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy sweet; potatoes cranberry sauce and corn and leave some room for pumpkin pie and cherry pie –

Kampai from Grandma and Grandpa’s of the youngest of kids and good friends who come to share the feast; in the spirit of ;


the true history of thanksgiving

Who landed a year earlier at Plymouth Rock and what is now Massachusetts came to America to exercise their religious freedom they threw a big feast to celebrate their first year in the new year and they invited over their new neighbors–

the friendly Indians including the handsome my country is of thee sweet land of liberty also about the time. We were- in elementary school .We learned about other special holidays like when ; the Easter Bunny brings all children baskets of brightly colored history of thanksgiving eggs; or when Santa Claus flies all the way from the -North Pole and a sled pulled by reindeer;

to bring presence to every child in the world all on one night as.

Facts about the first thanksgiving

We grow into adulthood we learned that many of the stories we heard his children are more complex than we originally were told but what about Thanksgiving the one day of the year when you can totally ignore your diet or-

how fat you might be it’s the one day where without guilt you can totally child down ;and tell your stomach bloats and your seams burst and yet it is a day that many American Indians have called a national -day of mourning thing as adults we learned that those European –

invaders stole the land ; murdered the friendly Indians.Wikipedia thanksgiving who showed them how to plant the sacred corn and spread diseases that killed many; more Indians than the bullets we learned that they already- had their religious freedom in Holland .Before coming to Plymouth colony which primarily was a commercial; venture to harvest the riches .

The new world by European merchants reportedly the pilgrims did not even land on the rock that today is known as Plymouth Rock which; first appeared and written accounts a hundred and twenty years after the original landing.

What is the truth about Thanksgiving the truth about the original Thanksgiving is that only one written document exists from that ?

the origin of thanksgiving

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That mentions in a single paragraph the feast that we learned about his kids, and we learned it ‘was not even called Thanksgiving until much later the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth Massachusetts reports that of the original 102 passengers who set sail in 1620 aboard the 100 foot long cargo ship Mayflower only 53 were still alive the following inspirational thanksgiving messages year to attend.

The 1621 feast in 1622 a year following the feast one of the asked in about’ their middles. What is the truth about Thanksgiving the truth is that all; we actually” know about what happened at that feast in the autumn of 1621 at Plymouth Plantation is contained in that short passage from the journal one other written account by the pilgrim William ;

bradford describes details of the harvest at autumn but does not mention the feast everything else we have seen or heard ;describing the original Thanksgiving whether from the school text books written by the dominant culture from paintings from movies and TV;

shows or from the words of Native American activists .

True origin of thanksgiving

Historians are all just speculations opinions and conjectures even the most widely seen Native American account –

of the first Plymouth harvest feast from the public broadcasting service series American experience titled we shall remain after the Mayflower was full of dialogue costumes-

makeup locations; and images that were created by writers and filmmakers based on speculations and guesses about what it had been walmart thursday sale thanksgiving like so to try to get at the truth .

Let’s look more closely at mort’s relation small business Saturday eventĀ  and that original letter by William Winslow that describe the pilgrims feast that journal chronicles the Pilgrims first year from leaving Europe on the;

Mayflower to arriving and Cape Cod harbor and then exploring- for a suitable place to build their colony it describes their first encounters ;

with the local Wampanoag Indians the building of houses and common structures and establishing firm trading relationships with the various Wampanoag villages throughout the following year it also contains a letter sent back home to England describing;

myths about the first thanksgiving

their positive experiences and a final chapter trying to justify their taking of Indian land through biblical scripture and British common sense –

using that document as a basis along with other published reports here; is a speculative view of the truth about thanks giving .

The true meaning of thanksgiving

A couple of years before the pilgrims arrived in Cape Cod harbor the Wampanoag tribe lost ;

over half their people from diseases brought in by earlier European invaders so when the pilgrims arrived and started making excursions into the land around what is now called Plymouth they encountered many; vacant native –

odges and unattended cornfields the Wampanoag in neighbouring villages were very wary of catching more diseases potlucks. The Indian village that was where when seven years earlier he had been captured by a British sea captain and sold into slavery in Spain -by the intercession of friars Squanto was; released and English as the servant to a merchant.

He returned to his homeland, and because of his English skills, he became an interpreter one of ; the voices of the British to the other Indians Walt Disney Pictures made a film in- 1994 called Squanto.A warrior’s tale starring Adam Beach Eric swag and Irene Bedard and a tail it is because it contains many;

fabrications and historical inaccuracies including its depiction- of the pilgrim feast from Plymouth records only 53 pilgrims attended the feast;

Winslow stated that about 90 Indians led bios American -best buy day sales thanksgiving known as Massasoit attended the feast.

printable the first thanksgiving story

This means that about twice as many Indians as pilgrims were at that feast which late-September or October of 1621 Massasoit home village was what today is called Warren Rhode Island which is south of Providence and about 40 miles?

Printable the first thanksgiving story

West of the Plymouth Colony the pilgrim Edward Winslow did not say they invited Massasoit over for dinner he just happened by 40 miles away from home with 90 people Winslow also said their governor -sent for men out to get birds and they brought back for foul plus it also said for recreation they were exercising their arms which means- they were shooting off their firearms a lot all this lends credence to the Wampanoag oral history that Massasoit was called to come and see what all the shooting was about and brought a display; of force .

The pilgrims could see who was in the majority so the pilgrims probably did what most people would do in that circumstance which ; is invite the Indians in for dinner. They stayed for three days Massasoit sent his hunters out, and they brought in five deer,

so it was basically; a potluck dinner that lasted three days think of it as a colonial version of Facebook where everybody hung out got to know each other and played;

Farmville with real farms when the pilgrims first arrived in 1620 they made expeditions into the countryside one of their ; first acts on land was to steal .

A large cache of Indian corn and a metal kettle with the stated intention to reimburse the Indians later which they did they also dug into graves and opened up the burial bundles to examine the skulls both were hostile acts that illustrate;

the European attitude towards the indigenous population the pilgrims did try to establish peace with the Indians of course.

They did not ;have much of a choice many Europeans had proceeded into the new world with the numbers were just not there yet the Pilgrims were outnumbered and easily could have been slaughtered by the Indians despite the pilgrims far superior technology and weaponry unlike today the various Indian tribes did not see themselves as one homogeneous race Massasoit strive the Wampanoag were in a bloody feud with the Narragansett to the north, in fact.

The first thanksgiving facts history

The pilgrims came to their aid against the Narragansett two years after the big feast massasoit; got deathly ill and Edward Winslow traveled to 40 miles to Massasoit village with medicine to help nurse the great such him back to health; for which Massasoit was eternally grateful and placed ;

his lifelong support to the pilgrims the British gave the Indians many of the products of their culture such as cookware glass beads fabrics ; buckets foods tools weapons and alcohol the British were especially happy to get beaver pelts in return.

thanksgiving facts for kids

Which they shipped back to England ;as part of their payment to the financiers of the colony in several places in March relation the pilgrims express their desire to show ;Christian love and peace to their neighbors the pilgrims -nonetheless consider the Wampanoag people to be inferior savages and use that word ;repeatedly at one point they described a song and dance-

the Indians perform for them to be antics I could be done by buffoons in the year; following the feasts Santo was accused of using his position with the British to spread fear among the Indians extract “payment for his own self-interest and usurp the authority of masses so it masses so it called for his death, but Squanto died in that year of what. The pilgrims ;

called Indian fever that was probably from a -European-borne disease piece was maintained between Plymouth and the Wampanoag for about 40 years until William Bradford and massive; soil passed away and the power shifted to the second -generation of Edward Winslow son,

and Massasoit oldest son wants suite “in the meantime many thousands of Europeans had arrived all looking for land wan-soo died under; mysterious circumstances -after being arrested; under Winslow’s command master soils younger son Medicom also known as King Philip .

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Became the great such and by 1675 54 years after the joyous Thanksgiving feast the number of British colonists had expanded to about 80,000 people compared to ;

about roughly ten thousand five hundred Indians spread across several feuding tribes hostilities and European land grabs had escalated to the point that the Indians had had enough Medicom led Indian warriors against the colonists in a year long war known as King Philip’s.

War half of the 84 British villages in New England were attacked by war parties the Indians goal was to force all the Europeans: out the Europeans goal was to exterminate. All the Indians the Europeans advanced technology and weaponry and superior numbers’

led to a bloody defeat of the Indian forces almost a third of the Indians living in the area died compared to about 800 colonists the war ended when Medicom was shot dead by another Indian from a: tribe that was fighting for the British the colonists using ”

the four-hundred-year-old British penalty for high treason against the King beheaded Medicom drew his body on a horse-drawn sled and then cut- his body into quarters his bloody head was impaled on a pole and displayed in the Plymouth ‘town square for the next 10 years as a result of the defeat.

the first thanksgiving facts

The Wampanoag Narragansett Pequot and other tribes lost their traditional lands it should be noted that many other important stories exist about the beginnings of Thanksgiving Native Americans have thank their creator and bless the harvesting ‘of their food for centuries before the Europeans arrived a settlement in the colony of Virginia celebrated an official day of Thanksgiving dating from 1619 three years before the pilgrims feast the Spanish in St.

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Augustine Florida are reported to have held a Thanksgiving celebration in 1585 36 years before the pilgrims feast many European countries have held harvest festivals for hundreds of years before the migrations to the new world, and it’s been argued that the- pilgrims had ‘observed a Dutch thanksgiving festival in the city of Dayton where they live before the Mayflower voice aim .

The American Indian; Movement reports the research of William b Newell a Penobscot tribal member and former chairman of; the University of “Connecticut Department of Anthropology his research concluded that the Thanksgiving holiday resulted from the actions of the ;

Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony who ordered christian thanksgiving message his militia to attack a gathering in Connecticut of the Pequot tribe –

for their annual green corn dance killing seven hundred people the next day the; governor ordered according to Newell’s research the annual celebrations of Thanksgiving” that followed commemorated that slaughter.

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