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Reviewing sponsor tapes where i watch your sponsor tapes and give -you my thoughts. Let’s start with our very first tape it’s entitled freaky fresh Casper “breath match don’t know what that means .I’m already a little bit turned off play  the kid can manual flat ;

ground he turns: around this music or whatever is really annoying you guys -probably can’t hear it but it’s really stupid he can flat ground flip, and I’m done:

I’m done watching quality looks bad there’s nothing about this.
I like in my mind if you’re going to send a sponsor tape you should at least have a degree of skill under your belt.Maybe some time on the board wouldn’t hurt that’s not a proponent take that was awful second; sponsor; tape ready and play Eddie areas park footy starts off with the nosegrind I like this already.Here we go he’s already skated in three different stances.

What Is Steeze?

Steeze In 2017

I’m already like sucked in I’m already like okay this guy has board control he has a little bit of style. The word Steve’s  used to be used a lot a few years ago; and what it sort of, met with style with these I watch a lot of sponsors; tapes and I get the idea that some of the tricks took all day, but they’re not tough skills.If you look at this guy’s style, it looks like these are the kind of tricks he could pull off consistently really watchable.
I have no plans of turning this off hard flip; needs work, but it’s a sponsor tape you know what I mean it’s a reflection; of you and what you can achieve.I don’t know maybe these-these flat ground tricks I almost just went against what I just said is ”

I want these skills to look comfortable so in the middle; of your line, you sort of bobble a nollie flip or bobble hard flip why not just start the line over that’s a personal preference.
I guess, but this is a great a great tape there’s not enough street footage there’s not; enough street footage. I guess that would make sense for more of a real company “but my companies based on online videos, and stuff like that it’s not really any big standards we have to meet aside from quality and for the video to be; entertaining so the park : but it expect you guys to be taking photos for Thrasher .

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I do expect you guys to be consistent uploaders or at least can consistently get me footage look at this-this is watchable.

I haven’t gotten bored at all which says a lot about this guy Eddie areas because he’s doing all these, tricks at what looks like the same skate park okay you know what it was also just “straight to the point to everything was just straight to the point do ;the tricks there were no weird time lapses. I get it you know you want to have your time lapse in your video, you want: to have all that goofy stuff in the video for like a video part not for a sponsor tape you guys got to think. I’m over here watching sponsor tapes, but I have a bunch of other shit i need to do I gotta edit videos.
I gotta do kick muscle designs I gotta pack and ship shipments I gotta go out and film the fucking tricks.I got to do all this stuff that I got to do why would you waste my time making me watch the Sun go up and down.I want to have to watch that; I’m watching this to see your skills, not the Sun we don’t care so Eddie great sponsor tape I enjoyed it.

I don’t know a lot of things to critique; I feel like that amount of footage could get him a box from you know somewhere out there if it was me what; I put him on Cake muscle, no, but I would like to keep track of his progress I would ask for more footage .I’d say keep me updated let me know what’s going; on in six months you know give me more footage.
I want to see more I want to see more this guy personally what do you guys think now the third one simply; says cake muscle sponsor tape i can tell you guys right off the bat I cannot stand the GoPro audio. I just I’m not for it I think:

I’ve seen this kid before; hate that pause I hate I hate this new like weird go pro touch.The skateboard thing you know what this tells me not anything about the skateboarder but this tells me is filmer is wildly uncreated because there’s already people- that are like super; famous for those shitty angles and now this film are just pretty much.

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Ruined it for the skater, I don’t want to watch the skater anymore because; I know this is going to be annoying fucking purple teeth footage that’s not even anywhere near. As good as that guy’s which is already really hard to watch with; the weird playing here we go laser flip.I like that. Personally, it’s just a trick, and I like to watch there was a lot of rolls up there what’s the point of all this roll-up ok like I said I want to know the tricks.

I want to get this video over with I want to watch it and make my decision to move on with my life you guys have.Incredibly too much roll up and roll away sometimes I don’t understand why all this filming is messed up what is this I might as well just be watching.A black screen I don’t know what that trick was; I think it was a shove it could, have been a hardflip could have been a pressure- flu here’s something I expect from you guys and again.
I can’t speak for other companies, but I expect you guys to have a general understanding of editing your skate footage. Because it’s 2015 skateboarders; at this day and age are expected at least in my experience to be self-sufficient.You get your footage to editing your stuff you know you do your tricks invent your tricks whatever you want to do instead of just copy and what everyone else is doing but for this to be that black can you imagine.

If I had a bad monitor or something, and it was just a black screen, and I had nothing a little bit of brightness. A little bit of contrast would be probably.

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