Talking about bad habits in English vocabulary

We all have bad habits, so some are trivial or small sum so bad manners, and some are really really disgusting and gross,  in this lesson we are going to learn about bad habits what exactly the term in English means ok this would help you to build your vocabulary,

i am going to cover some body related bad habits and some bad behavioral habits.

Talking about bad habits in English vocabulary
This would help you to talk about bad habits in English so let’s have a look here we have the first one that; is cracking knuckles now what does this term mean now cracking knuckles is basically when someone constantly twisting;

Ben’s their knuckles okay they keep doing this on constant basis, and this creates a popping sound a cracking sound.

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Well I get really can’t pop my knuckles or crack my knuckles but people do that and it creates this crisp, loud popping sound and this can get really annoying at times imagine you are in an interview ok and you constantly keep ;doing this all right just go on and on someone is talking to you and while answering the questions you do this how annoying it;

can be for the others so that’s when we call it as cracking knuckles all right the other one that we have here is picking your nose now picking -your nose doesn’t literally mean that you pick your nose.

it means that you are trying to clean the boogers okay you keep digging you keep putting your fingers up in your nostrils many people have that habit ok of course kids have that habit however i have seen adults also who keep digging as of their digging for gold okay they go deeper and deeper and, trust me that is really disgusting.

they are trying to clean out the boogers boogers is basically the dirt that is settled in your nose ok that’s a new word for you alright so that’s when you call someone out, when someone is trying to do that someone is trying to put their fingers up to the; nostrils is basically they are picking their nose ok at the one that we have here is twirling hair and twirling hair is especially women have that habit of what they do is they have this they; keep on doing this the world that twists the long hair around your finger, of course, they do the subconsciously but imagine .

if you’re talking to someone and this lady goes on and on okay uh-huh all right sure I’ll do that how annoying that could be isn’t it it’s just ;

unpleasant alright so that is when we call it as twirling hair so it’s basically twisting, long hair around your finger all right now other one that “we have is slouching now slouching most of the people who try to cannot sit up straight okay they do not have a perfect posture they tend to curve their,

shoulders or curve they’re back ok this position or the keep standing like this or they have this tendency to show just-just as that oh my god they are so relaxed even while working that’s when we call it as slouching .

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it just doesn’t look good imagine your boss is passing by and you’re sitting like this and doing your work it doesn’t look good isn’t it, or you’re waiting at a bus stop, or you are waiting for your train and you keep sitting like this it just looks really unpleasant isn’t it so that’s when we call it as launching right up the last one that we have here is shaking hands and legs now many people have a tendency again they do it subconsciously,

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but they have; this tendency to shake their legs or shake their hands or tap there a feat constantly like they’re in a meeting they’re sitting ;on a table and keep doing this all right I’ll do this you know on constant basis again it’s a very involuntary action but this shows that the person is either a very nervous or it also shows anxiety,

that explains the people keep constantly shake hands or their feet even; I have observed some people who are sitting in a theater watching movies they constantly tap their feet okay three hours of movie and they keep doing this now it definitely is pretty unpleasant for the others.

It is one of the bad habits that is shaking hands and planks now we covered up all the body related bad habits and the next part I will help you with some behavioral bad habits so let’s have a look alright so now we are going to ;look at some behavior related bad habits the first one that we have over here is cursing basically means that people who have a habit of using inappropriate or offensive language or words ok words such as screw you or the word like people tend to use it in a very casual way like what the ass or fuck you, or you know god damn jackass asshole now bees are all set off offensive cursing words curse words ;I’m sorry curse words.

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of course for youngsters it might sound pretty cool oh my god it’s just so much fun using such words and their habit related to it ok it’s very difficult to get out of that habit however when it comes to formal situations or once you start going to work -or you start giving interviews this language is just not acceptable now in many countries yes our people are pretty casual about it however in the rest most of the countries it is quite offending to people ok so just be careful if you have this habit it’s called as cursing right the other one that we have here is drilled rate now road rage is someone who-who is driving, and it’s pretty aggressive why driving .
Another person who makes a mistake by driving this person really gets mad at them of course the again tend to use the curse words ok now road rage can really; cause danger okay if you get really aggressive while driving you keep on abusing keep on defending someone else it can get ;dangerous is in it so just be careful but it is known as road rage ok the other one we have is being a slacker now a slacker slacker is someone who keeps pushing on their work the job that has been given to him or to her they keep on pushing it to someone else for example ;

if I ask you to get me a glass of water okay i would say hey could you please get me a glass of water you would push it onto your sister or to your mom has a hey mom please get her a glass of water ok so basically you’re just pushing your word to someone else so this means that you are the slacker maybe your boss comes to you and tells you that finish the spire by tonight ask the person to finish it for you, so this means that you are being a slacker ok so that’s what we mean when being a slacker the other one we have is to procrastinate.

Procrastination what it means is that you always pile on your work ok you never finish it on time if some work is the sign to you it is never a now.

It is always later; it is always later I’m not going to do it now I’ll do it next week I’ll do it next month ok at your convenience so this means that you are procrastinating ok so this is what” we call it is to procrastinate. You’re piling up your work,

The last one that we have over here is following now following asked for my experience is ;concerned trust me it is the most common bad habit ok what it means is it is basically sobbing word is derived from the word so plus nothing ok now it is considered to be really really rude what exactly.

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