BSN Syntha 6 Review Protein Powder

syntha 6 reviewsLet’s just jump right into it what are we talking about here the

brand-new 26 edge by BSN alright.

A little bit about it what is it -a protein obviously all right who’s

it for everyone when can you take it anytime you want day or night.

Talk about why all right as always you’re gonna find you six are proteins in six edge:

just like the original syntha-6 alright we are going to discuss, the differences

between the edge Syntha 6 Review and the standard version but let’s get this

out of the way first .

What are the six proteins in syntha-6 you have whey protein concentrate

whey protein isolate a hydrolyzed whey protein are going to cheat over here.

Syntha 6 review side effects

Look at the label you have calcium casein ate micellar casein and milk protein

Bob milk protein concentrate there:we go alright we got that out on the line keep in mind.

This is not a replacement for our 4726 this is just a different version alright, like an

expansion on the syntha 6 series if you will  without further ado .

syntha 6 reviews usa

Let’s check it out now I can’t do that without the original sin 26 , I brought a bottle of

that with me here and I’m going to take the syntheses edges go through these nutritional

facts right themis bar review now.

One thing you didn’t notice is that the 66 edge is going to be a little bit more

streamline then your standards in 26 alright .

“For example phone calories in 226 edge this is one scoop 30.5 grams alright  you notice calorie counts different I edge at 150 per serving ,our standard at :200 our total fat in edge 3.5 grams per serving instead you have six our cholesterol 50 as opposed to 60 are sodium.”

Bsn syntha 6 Cream

The edge will have 190 compared to 160 car seven -compared to 15 sugars one compared

to four that’s pretty big and protein going with you to get 24 grams of protein in edge

and 22 grams in the standard .

More streamlined version of 66 are like I said it is for everyone it is at any time because

it has the case in it are let’s talk about flavors are always very important .

One thing that syntha-6 was always ‘known for was that they’re phenomenal milkshake

like flavors are and it’s Syntha 6 Review almost in any almost any flavor:

You’ll find that thicker consistency are you find that really sweet taste our cookies and

cream probably being one of the best flavors out you can get.

syntha 6 isolate review bodybuilding

Let’s see how it compares to the original sick as far as flavor and “consistency have my cup of water here going old-school i have- my nice because spoons .I don’t know it’s just not going to do it for this one we need the knife edge edge alright”.

Before and after result

i will be trying sugar cookie let’s do this smells awesome let’s give it a shot

we smell it let it really like breathe it in alright.

I like it all right consistency thick as usual I wasn’t expecting anything less even

with water using milk 2% what have you it’s obviously going to be a little thicker.

keep that in mind if you’re using look at Rob tornado blender bottle or something

like that mixes very nice no problems.

There and taste i mean you know it or not that’s it the six I mean I didn’t really expect

the taste to be anything less than really good are: sugar cookie seems to follow

suit with the other flavors tasting very good very nice right to someone .

syntha 6 health review

Who despises the taste of some of the other proteins “out there syntha-6 is definitely

your protein since the six edge definitely your protein are because no matter what:

flavor you get you can really go wrong all right arm now that’s covered talk about.

The other flavors and how, much you’re going to be picking them up for at same day supplements . com seven flavors all right you have vanilla milkshake chocolate (milk shake strawberry) milkshake you’ll have cinnamon roll graham cracker sugar cookie which .

I just had our cookies and cream and peanut butter cookie and i think it’s a little

bit more than seven if i’m not mistaken are things about 828 servings for 3473 48 servings

454 76 .

bsn syntha 6 review 2017

I find it hard to believe that even though syntha-6 edge has fewer calories and just overall

better macros you still get the same consistency and the same great flavor in the protein

after you Syntha 6 Review mix it.

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