Implement a sticky navigation using jQuery quick tips

create jquery object from html stringStart Pets Plus quick tip on my Jeep dealer in today’s quick tip

I’m going to show: you how to create some pretty cool sticky and

have bars now.

I’m sure you seen this around- and more modern website where

you scroll down: the page the nav bar that was typically just a regular one

becomes jquery accordion dynamically load content  fixed .

It stays on the top of your report so you can access the navigation in

the time you want -also when the number becomes fixed .

You can also shrink elements like make the logo smaller or maybe

decrease the padding” size all that stuff and that can be done by a CSS with

a little bit of sticky navigation using jQuery quick help from JavaScript.

I’m going to show you two ways we can do this right here I have a very simple page

and has a header with a logo What is CSS   and the navigation .

Some typical content with some headings, and some paragraphs now what

I want to do here “is transform my static navbar into a fixed one .

jquery array of elements

Whenever I scroll down the page in here as you can see I have my

head up and then my image of little girl and then my nap .

Jquery mobile data-quick links

Then a simple section with all of the paragraphs and I’m just

going to collapse that one also at the bottom .

I have enjoyed it and I am using” power to install jQuery and other packages

and if you’re unfamiliar with power up please check out the lesson notes.

I’ve included a link that in a nutshell Bauer is like a package manager

for the web you’re going to use terminal .

If you only saw the package you can save our install and followed by

the name of that package in my case.

It’s cheaper and that will download the latest version of GRE and

install it correctly and right.

Now I’m working on my way points directly which is on my desk :

I want to show sticky navigation examples you the first message .

I’m going to do is pretty much already and I’m going to do a simple function

right make sticky for example and in the function .

sharepoint 2017 j query hide quick launch

I’m going to variables such as this one my window and I’have something like this

simple check if my window.

This is a function that will return this proposition for the element if this

equals to  which means the scroll bar is at the very top that.

I’m going to do my header remove class stinking it up help my head or

to have the a curated anthology of donuts class of sticking out  inside here.

create jquery application

Going to call that function make sticky now this won’t work without Jaguars

I’m going to do a simple Bower install jQuery and that will download it.

In my directory inside Bell, components j Query and this right here is the correct path

in the district.

Find the minute I heard let’s have a look: when I open this and expect

her to have my head or would it classified, header and whenever.

j query quick search with pagination

I scroll down it adds, the class is sticking out scroll back up and it’s removed using the style

that says” we can have that class, site header hand stick in the house .

Set the position to fixed and then I’m also going to send a pic of 100% and

maybe change sticky navigation using jQuery   background color to

this other box refresh:

now when I scroll down I get a different navbar which is fixed .

create a jquery plugin

It won’t overlap everything else on the page but using this approach is a

bit slow because pay attention to this first having when I scroll down it.

Disappears and in fact everything that’s below this header is pushed up therefore

it disappears right below my header and that’s not a good thing but this is actually normal .

pro quick guide apk

If you’re going to take this approach because the position of this content

and everything below my header is defined by the height of my head all right whenever .

I said the position to fixed that element is taken out of the normal it’s like that

element the header doesn’t exist that there for all of the content below it is pushed up .

That’s why whenever you spell just by one pixel that content is supposed

to pump and Is Not Invisible sticky navigation using jquery waypoints  anymore

“now of course a PayPal donate button  he can calculate the height of this.

A heading to the body but you’re :over complicating things especially when

for example you might; want to change the size of some of these elements and then the

size of the header sticky navigation using jQuery quick will change as well .

jquery create button with click event

I’m going to show on twitter  you the other method and that’s why using a plug-in called

way-points Jas you can find it at this address right here .

Create jquery accordion dynamically

It’s a simple cord plug-in you can install it by about so I’m simply

going to save our install sheet waypoint’s mother and noticed here and also downloaded

Jacory 2.1.1 because it is a dependency now inside me about a component.

I also have this one cheaper way points and inside you can find waypoints

done in the Jazz Sticky navigation Menu with HTML and also a shortcut folder .

If we’re going to use something cold to gallons Wii Points H like this  we

have to bring healthy waypoint’s plug-in .

Also the sticky paddle she wants and now all we have to do I’m going to

come at this and I’m going to say side header the waypointe .

Inside I’m going fixed navigation with jquery to say sticking out points jazz:

you to do stuff when you scroll to a specific element and the stinky add-on or shortcut.

allows you to do pretty much the same thing that I did here but it’s much faster

and on top of that it gets rid of that problem I told you where the content with just being pushed up.


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