How to create Sticky Navigation Menu with HTML “CSS & JavaScript”

sticky navigation bar cssHow to make something called a sticky navigation menu now

of what we’re talking ,about here is you seen

my black navigation menu .

As I scrolled down my “long page to see that :the navigation menu

gets stuck to, the top over here fixed to the top and this is a pretty calm .

You are a pattern you’re going to see four pages that are pretty

long because it allows the visitor to scroll down the

page that Sticky navigation Menu with HTML they want

to go to other sections of the site.

Maybe these are anchors to different areas of the page they could

easily do that just “by referring to the top so do this for you .

Sticky navigation WordPress

But I feel like application is pretty cross-browser friendly and light enough

to get a few you just want this and put this feature on your page .

You might as well not even ,download of bigger plug-in because

I’m just saying all those couple of precious bites .

Let’s first cover photo requirements YouTube Money calculator because

I don’t want to go:

over all the details I’m just, going to focus on the actual navigation manual:

first off you should be able to build a basic layout

with HTML and CSS similar to what you see here nothing fancy.

Sticky Navigation Menu with HTML


Going on I just have ,the sense she 1 feet container give this here in

the middle is just a banner that I put down there an image underneath.

That is a navigation menu :did and then I have the main content

diff container and background Styles just- for this tutorial no big deal inside

over here is another concept that you need to know is fixed position .

jquery sticky navigation after scroll

If you sell Google 6 position quickly figure out what it is now

positioning this navigation to stop at this point in that position.

It’s not happening through JavaScript jQuery so if you don’t have

a basic understanding of some :JavaScript query: then you should

probably referred to for starters.

I actually created video series called super simple JavaScript jQuery tutorials

where if you’re a total .

You wanna get a quick and dirty control we go over stuff like variables

raised if if else statements all things- that we’re going to cover this implementation.

Of course you’re going to need to know jQuery at least to the extent

that we use a couple of j Query functions but they’re mostly going to need to know

how to select elements with j Query now.

sticky navigation squarespace

let’s get right into it : I have the skeleton template of this page

that has everything except the actual code.

Makes the sticky navigation Menu with HTML and if we work with script

tag for JavaScript of course.

I have j Query link to this page :I did my document ready function to load this as

soon as the document is ready and then we’re ready to rock and roll .

Sticky header navigation avada

Now let me first to bring this back up let’s think about what it would

take to make this navigation happen like this well the first thing that I guess .

We’ll talk about JavaScript needs that how it’s going to manipulate this thing

that is the first thing is that JavaScript needs to know that we are working

with this navigation items .

What i’m going to do right here is create a new variable and off college now

and then equals and of course: I’m going to use a jQuery selector on this and this class

that I used for it is navigation menu .

There we go  at this point all I’ve, done is create a variable that is

referring to this element over here this navigation item .

navigation bootstrap

We need next is to know what would say that we have my navigation only gets

fixed position once we get past a certain point.

Sticky navigation with css and jquery

We’re going to need to figure out some kind of calculation like to know

how big His :Banner as you know I have a 850 by 240 now but if we have

it a different size youtube thumbnail size than: we wanted to work with all sorts of things .

To do is create another variable called yep you guessed it they are that

is going to look at that elements :specifically that what

I’ve done is actually using a CSS header image .

It’s just an image: in there cuz I got a CSS header image created element HTML5

and then there is the image .

create a sticky navigation with css and jquery

I don’t want to just use image although I guess I could but but I feel like that

wouldn’t be specific enough and I didn’t mess around with other images on my page .

How to create a sticky navigation bar in blogger

I’m specifically targeting: it over here hit my head hurts right over here now

we need to worry: about is this thing’s position in here because remember

this only gets Sticky navigation Menu with HTML fixed positioning once .

It’s sort of passes this scroll point over here so I’m going to create another variable for

that specifically variable let’s call it position pose.”

I don’t want to name it positions specifically because I don’t want to get messed up

with my dad okay and this is a jQuery functions .

You could have put into this yourself blogger with a little magic and you

‘ll find plenty of information on the position function three variables and figure out.

Some kind of population like how is this going to know how big this Banner

as you know  what I wanted to do is add a class at CSS class that’s going to make it.

Stick to the top  what I could do there is I’ll go Banner.


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