Small Business Saturday (United States of America)

small business saturday 2016I think having an event is the best thing you can make the joke is like DIY means does it yourself yeah but ;

I’m a big fan of dit like do it together the beauty of shocked small studio is it;

gives you a lot of the tools that you need to throw a successful event.
I’m sorry social media tell people you’re having them this last year we try to engage some other small business Saturday there’s an ice cream truck that my friend zone.

Small business Saturday ideas

We asked them to come and offer ice cream on that day for restaurants want to get involved create; a dish makes something awesome get it actually works to bring a DJ and to bring food and to have some giveaway”

but for other people that don’t work because- it’s not authentic to their branded to their company, use the digital assets from shop small studio for online .

small business saturday event kit
I’m gonna use the badge and the templated newsletter what we’re doing. I think that we can work together to have a cute display going people walk by your window;

the next couple weeks they’re going to get excited about our retail accounts will be using more of the hard copy materials the flyers and receives the dudes to give away to their customers.

 Activities and amen Small business Saturday

I thought we could blow up the small; shop balloons but also incorporate your brand colors of orange and yellow take them to a massive piece of foam port and make like;

small business saturday american express

a DIY photobooth anybody can do this ;

I think it’s just like you want to participate in thinking of it that way
“It’s helping the community. It’s helping the people. And it’s helping us.

”It’s been great all day. We had a line for the first time.” Everyone stands up to pitch in.

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