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As life goes on we have to make more and more decisions you by car,

and now you need an insurance policy by house,

and now you need to figure out an that we need to add on to our monthly subscription bill continually but how : do we choose when ;

I choose a company for a service that I need.

simple online bank reviews

I based my decision simplicity a company’s idea of fixing a problem or having a service should be very is clear and simple way of doing it there why of ;

why they’re doing the service in the first place simple bank review should be at the core of ;

how they run their business the second reason is innovation they should constantly have that think different.

Simple checking account review

Idea constantly innovating to change things up and go against the status quo and finally they should have an altruistic approach altruism by definition means that level .

How could a bank have any of these qualities. I joined simple a little over two years ago maybe.

A year or two after they became a start-up her about them through a friend and then the beginning it was an invite system only kind of like 1 plus launch now the reason that I drawing simple was they had an entirely different; way of looking at traditional style banking and one but what i mean by that is my old Big Brother bank .

You know you had checking and savings if you went under you had this crazy maybe had an annual fee on certain cards you know if you want to transfer from your savings to checkings.

Many times you’ve got even more fees it was pretty crazy –

The fact that simple completely rebuilt the system and thought of the new way of doing it and basically having a safe to spend and a goalsĀ  on the back end you really just have one simple ;checking account but you create these goals where some will automatically;

simple banking review

every day take how much it needs to be able to; reach that goal by certain point for example if I say .

Simple online bank reviews

I wanted to save ;500 bucks by next month so that I could buy you know a new computer or something you can create that goal set the final date, and it will calculate on a daily basis-

how much it should save each day now what I tend to do a lot of the time is if I get a paycheck in the beginning month .

whatever it is i will basically create on my goals ez visa card payment and you can immediately move the- money to those goals now the nice thing is if you if you’re safe to spend ever goes under or -anything like that it will automatically pull from your goals it’s not a ;

separate account so the merchant or whoever is charging you doesn’t get dings you don’t get any returns transactions nothing’s declined fantastic and when you get more money it; knows to put that money back into that goal before putting the remainder amount albany business review in to your safe’ to spend so it basically fixes the idea- that if i have a thousand dollars in my account .

Business prepaid checking account

I don’t want to constantly look at it because I will spend it very quickly when i log into the app all i see is the safe to spend right at the top and it’s super easy

“but the biggest reason that i have really decided to be a lifelong customer and stick with them is the customer service that last bit that”

I talked about earlier that altruistic type approach now there are many apps nowadays or different services where the advertising you can talk to a person .

If you’re a premium subscriber or anything like that and I think that’s pretty terrible.

The fact that we pay a premium price nowadays to talk to another human being it’s crazy so I really have to simple customer service e-type stories “real quick to share with you the first one is actually from a friend the one who actually referred me when simply activate add promotional service I first enough for the bank a long time ago;

“before they completely rebuilt their infrastructure to handle all of the customers they have now they had a day ;where basically long story short they had some time the outage or service went down.

business prepaid checking account

I don’t know most people were only out of being able to use or swipe review their account for about an hour to and they are very good about being on ;

Prepaid debit cards with no fees

Twitter and social media constantly personally replying to people and basically fixing the problem and even smaller group of people that my friend was in couldn’t use their card or anything for about a day which you know –

can be pretty unacceptable he wasn’t the happiest man on earth but they fix it and it was fine about a week later he woke up with ;i believe fifty bucks or an extra hundred bucks in his account that is not a feature they do they don’t do it all the time.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else reloadable visa cards again it is a company who saw a problem that was their fault,

and they took responsibility for it, and they rewarded the people ;for basically being loyal customers which is very very cool and; i would like to see any other you know Big Brother bank that has billions and billions of dollars do that at all no you don’t even get a personal response day .

Payday loans prepaid checking account

The second customer service story ‘and the biggest one, in my opinion, was happened to me a couple of months back when I simply messaged simple prepaid debit card inside of the app to one of the simple?

simple debit card review 2017

Activate simple bank card

people basically thank you for being an awesome bank and console innovating coming out with new features and I got back in awesome’ reply from and who was a customer service rep and -she was very awesome I told her about how i left my full-time job to you know to pursue.

My dream and basically simple allowed me to budget for the “next couple of months with goals and things like that just a simple thank you wasn’t looking for anything specific in return and then ‘a couple of weeks ago I received this in the mail and luminess Air Review banks like simple bank inside was this back whatever you love to do that first off an awesome message “thank you very much,

and I thought I was just a back and me actually’ message in like oh thanks for the bag but thank you’ very much and then shortly after.

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