Samsung Galaxy S4 :10 Hidden Features

galaxy s4 hard resetEverything out for a few months:I’m going to try to show you can things that you may

not know, about your handset navigation -but have you ever tried to lay down with you and

put the entire quick settings .

If you decide to push the “button you can actually rearrange which 5 quick launch

items you see the notification bar at the top of her dresser remote control,

will have no fear your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Can help you out there’s an app called Samsung WatchON and I’ve actually sent this with my

service writer back in Canada this is actually, what’s playing right now at six o’clock in the evening now.

Samsung galaxy s4 battery

I were to click on save this one it’ll show me a, synopsis and I can’t use it send it to my TV or if I

hit this button up here I, can turn my TV on or off line up for downtown.

As well  you should be no stranger, to multi-window support let me show you how to get the most

out of it .

They want to send a message when I’m looking at Maps so let’s get that message I started typing :

I lose my vision of the map so we can hit this button ,here and it provides you with a pop-up keyboard.

s4 google play edition

You can continue typing while you’re looking, at the map to say give an address never got

a phone call the night what happens to me all the time and sometimes.

I don’t really want to, be bothered one, of the greatest devices and incoming calls Define and every

day your .

S4 galaxy screen replacement

I will be on from that time 7x to have to do is send plug in a pair *of headphones and you’ll see your

earphones are connected pull down notification bar head-on into settings go over to my device .

Then scroll into sound click on sound and go all the way down to the bottom to adapt sound  that turning

up the volume isn’t the only way that you’re “going to be able to get the best sound .

You can actually hit start then you’re going to hear it series of you know beats and loops and all of

these things you can say yes or :no and then it’ll actually adjust the sound for your headphones.

Get the highest quality What is DNS ever wanted ,to get a closer look when you’re playing a video ,if you head into

Samsung phone video player can you play the video you can actually pinch to zoom which is pretty cool.

Galaxy s4 boost mobile

But actually go around the entire screen ,and it’s the same kind of way another cool thing is you can

actually control the volume directly on the stream of the right is found on the left is brightness .

Before we get into the final three things you may, not know about your Samsung Galaxy S4 it why don’t

we hear from our sponsor and you know .

samsung galaxy s4 mini

I spend a lot of time traveling for business and you know how much more you get done ,with the entire

team was working together .

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you all stay on the same page with built-in HD videoconferencing makes it feel like everybody was in the same room.

Since you’re sharing the same screen everyone stays on the same page launch or join a meeting from

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Backup s4 for long term use

If you have an iPad you can even -prevent directly from them try go to meeting free for 30 days I got the phone

call you haven’t quite been able to the other person was a few things you can do up here you can personalize your sound.

The doctor says soft and clear stuff here- you can actually turn off noise cancelling and hearing

You can add in a little bit of extra volume “unless you’re going to be about customizing your device down case.

h.264 samsung galaxy s4

You didn’t know but for some reason I feel like the people to know that you can set your wallpaper by taking

on any part any blank part of the home screen to do home screen lock screens you can personalize it .

Prezzi di samsung galaxy

For her you want I was just carry on and get a closer look at the lock screen so in my devices they’re just

loves cream you can set multiple widgets seems to have that and then you hit logs for your dick .

You can see through camera or you can do your favorite apps so that’s how you can launch the camera app from

the What is CSS home screen .

I know one thing that I don’t know where that is so down in there that’s where you can customize your

home screen.

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