How to Record Your PC Screen for FREE For Windows 7/8/9/10

Hey guys what’s up its mess around through here and all compaction of the video in today’s video I’m going to be teaching you guys how to record your screen; or anything that’s on your monitor or basically anything that you can see on your screen and make a video out of it for free.
So on keep in mind this is a hundred percent legal you don’t have to download any third party software anything like that,

so that’s actually pretty record your PC screen awesome you ; can make gaming videos with this basically I don’t know anything you guys want to do you can do it so let’s go on with the video Oh before ;we do this song says be sure to hit that like button shares it with your friends and go ahead and hit the subscribe button.

record computer screen and audio

Screen recorder for windows

If you already because my mother 5000 subscribers and I’ll help is appreciated father- that let’s get on with the video,

the first thing that you’re going to want to do is open up; your web browser and Google or whatever search energy use and type info BS if nothing comes out this search up open broadcaster ;software and go ahead and go ahead and click the first result okay before you started with all this stuff i just want to say ;that um you can download this on Mac and Linux for the tutorial .

We’re going to be using Windows-based you guys why I can make a tutorial on the Mac there’s really no problem with that i have a MacBook so if you guys really want that i can record that and upload that later on but so we’re going to download this one I do use the beta but um.

Fraps full version free mediafire

I don’t know I feel like using the multi-platform one is safer in a way because it’s like the proper version but keep my did update these regularly August night in August ;sixteenth it’s an August eighteenth right now as you can see down here,

so it doesn’t really matter they update these consistently and you’ll be fun either way so we’re going to download this one for now and i’m going to save it to my desktop Alright so once your download is done; it will come up on your desktop, and right here I’m just gonna launch it from here and it’s gonna come up and ask you if you want to make changes .

I don’t know if us other than my video because my screen is kind of like faded on both sides so yeah but um so it’s going -to ask you if you can trust the software to go ahead and it yeah from ;here all you have to do is it next agree and then install wherever you want.

i’m going to do to my external I mean not my external but my secondary our drives my primary is for my operating system and some programs but i’m just going to put all bs on my secondary one so arm once that happens the download should go pretty quickly and it will give you the option to run OBS multi-platform and then with the version so we’re going to do that right away for the tutorial ok guys so it did open up just now and ;

bandicam recorder

as you can see it’s already trying to record my display but on this chance that yours might not be doing that so what we’re going to do is get rid of these two on mine and I’m going to walk you through it from the beginning so what you want to do is go ahead and add a scene you can name it literally whatever you want this is nice for if you wanna have like a live stream seen recording seen stuff like that but for this I’m just going to youtube and go ahead and hit OK from here .

Best voice recording software

You’re still going to see a black screen so what you want to do is add a source now this is pretty awesome you can add audio input captures you can add a webcam stuff like that but for Game Capture you could record like full-screen game stuff like that and for a window capture obviously the same thing but I would record a certain window but for the tutorial.

I’m just going to do a display capture which is literally anything that is on my display so I’m going to go ahead and hit ok and it’s a nasty what display you want to use it to have two monitors i am able to pick but I’m just going to use the first on and you do also get the option to capture your cursor ;in the videos you can see a little preview now you can see my cursor so if there is it ok and that’s really it so from here you can just start ;

recording to start streaming in the settings you do have to actually set up your stream key and stuff like that if using twitch or any of these you can also use a custom stream streaming server .

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