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present perfect past perfect british councilBy special request in to -teach you some grammar ,

what’s present perfect and past perfect ,what’s in a what where am .

I how, did I get here so I’m here to help you can’t you this .

You can learn it forever- it’s very easy once you get it for so long ,

present perfect vs. Past perfect :all of the tenses in English.

When you have something ,that’s perfect it means you have, to use the past participle

of the verb now as an English teacher difference between present perfect or past perfect.

I don’t like having to write past participle, because it takes a long time

and present perfect or past perfect exercises it’s hard to say really quickly.

Most people to people in- the state of Missouri is the third part of the verb ,

for example :if you have the verb half what is the past participle of have no

what is a past participle of have present perfect we use for events in the past.

present perfect or past tense grammar

I know it’s confusing- because it says right here ,present perfect

but both of these grammars ,grammars both of these countries .

We used to talk about a past event so present perfect -in half or has plus the past participle

:You and me we have to use pass.

It is he she or ,it we have to use has this is the number one mistake that students,

make when they’re writing- or speaking a lot of people say she have which is wrong.

You have to be careful you can’t remember ,

who she is she has then you and we’ve had plus the past participle what is the past tense:

of have and so and so you know that the, present tense is have .

how to know when to use present perfect or past perfect in spanish

When we use past perfect ,

we’re all were changing is the Smurfs 2 had it’s not easy -so the other thing about as perfect .

:As we don’t have to change it for he she or it past perfect except, for its head .

I can see ,if they win you we always had fun times when we use the negative,

it’s the same idea Spanish present perfect or past perfect except we using had it .

I he she it mean you hadn’t it’s unusual to say had no um if you want to use head,

not into more exercise things, like I had not done that but when you just say hadn’t and

again .

Because it is perfect you have to use the past participle -for the pp of the verb this easy no-sew

present ,perfect have plus the past participle past perfect tense .

Past participle ,good let’s go into the negative of present ,perfect when we use the new

and we have- these haven’t just like in the present or in the positive .

Again he she and it we have to use hasn’t put the past participle if you want to make

a question is in the present perfect you going to say have or has ,

then you can use the subject to this case- these are the subjects has he plus the past participle .

present perfect past perfect future perfect powerpoint

He Eaton is a present perfect sentence, you can change he to a person’s name agency has

Because Kevin is a key I have to use -has to remember,

present perfect past perfect and future perfect verb tenses worksheets  Kevin eating ,

that as well as important, when we use past perfect like.

I said it’s the same idea we don’t have to change this reflecting on the subject the question:

for we don’t have to change change either.

it’s had plus your subject- question past participle and you have a?

If you do not have a question mark at the end of a sentence stay strong and your

present perfect or past perfect test teacher .

why because he remembered has and have but don’t forget the? Alright sogoes wrong and you don’t understand .

I hope that you can remember how to use or how to say how to make present perfect and past perfect.

Present Perfect or Past Perfect-English Online Learn

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