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New  e-mail clients trying to stand out in a category of similar software does not offer many new ideas underwater.

However, Postbox wants to make an impression by adding new features to renew the concept of email management functionality based on indexing postbox express free email client and content integration with Internet email accounts.

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Postbox indexes everything you get in your inbox: text, images, email addresses, links, etc. and this in an organized manner in the various sections of the program in which you are looking, label and organizes all indexed Element.

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You can not only organize and store this information locally, but you can also store all the elements in different Internet services like Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Google Docs, Friend Delicious and share with others, etc.

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Another feature to make a truly unique customer e-mail postbox is its integration with Internet email accounts. It can get all kinds of data from your email, emails with your contacts related to information.

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This, combined with an overview of every email, full output bar, the ability to convert emails into a task list, a scroll bar very active and can install Thunderbird extension, customers worth a try.

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