Pebble’s downfall and the future of wearables

Well whether we know it or not design is an integral part of our lives today it’s not a battle form and function; it’s a symbiotic relationship well most of us are familiar with the products that we own the design process behind them is still a bit of a mystery.

wearable technology in the future

New designs gamma is one such designer he’s the mind behind a look at the fitness activity tracker and the light your camera a National Design Award recipient, and it has ;

extensive experience with how these very personal- products are conceptualized design and eventually end up in our hands. For us interesting topic about design most people look about look design as something that is exterior what the future of wearables“we’re dealing with the interior with a core functionality like how you were it sizes of human body you know like;

wearable technology in the future

economics arrangement of parts and only then we get to the perfection of the exterior surface could you maybe take us through the process of how you got from conception of the fit and then to an actual product that so it’s actually an amazing story so we started with the original fit and at that time.

We wanted to rethink everything that related to was what was then called pedometers and wanted to create something that is very friendly to the human body .We thought a lot about women and how they carry things: and for instance, the fact that this was a clip was driven by that because women have much smaller pockets.

wearable technology future trends
We ended up with this innovative design that had a unique architecture with two nodes off electronics one has a battery. Wanted to rest and the latest generation is dealing with wrist-worn objects you could imagine” five probably have about 10 of these and 23 will be customized to some physical medical needs that we have two or three are basically gone recreational and 23 or maybe data-oriented identity authentication and so on now how much of the design is dictated by the electronics; it’s a very interesting dialogue there’s”

Wearable technology future trends

obviously core functionality that we’re trying to get into the product but sometimes the human qualities are pushing back for instance discussion about user interface do you always need the biggest screen on the planet sometimes you just need to glance over and get a sense that you’re more or less .


You walk five; a thousand steps let’s talk about like a light row is the maybe another very recent and-and popular design that you guys did how much of this design was dictated by the technology itself the design; of flight row was driven by a constraint and constraint was actually the

optics electron so we decided to build on these and created something that is more of an extension of the lens so what you see outside; is very much what you have inside its to third lens and about a third the battery there and circuitry create it’s remarkable how much it doesn’t look like a camera you know in the traditional sense you know.

Future of wearable technology pdf

I mentioned earlier the contrarian view we had alternatives that were much more camera like their thing is that we brought this idea which basically is taken from -a very simple gesture which is the Kaleidoscope very human gesture and we had to prove a lot and see a lot of models here funny thing is that we still used his small markups and they’re actually very very informative in-

an indecision making sense so this one is made of like just a black hole that’s a block phone with tape piece of cardboard about a low-tech as you can yeah the next to it we jump to like 3d waited and old cad and all that both fit in like your idea is born -of smaller companies working with large corporations can be difficult I’m it notes that these little teams have more of a passion.

For design and give designers more freedom to express themselves through their products you know the thing that.

Wearable healthcare technology

wearable technology trends 2017

I really respect both on 58 on Lytro or the new structure these are companies that create product with a lot of integrity when you feel the product-

it feels like an apple product doing things right and doing things with fully intend to to be perfect really really important how do you think Kickstarter and these crowdfunded about indie projects have changed the look of design and products for consumers so the one thing that they do they democratize their entry-level for developers that allows people to bring ideas directly to the market this is a structure by reciprocal ;and it’s a three-

Wearable technology innovations in healthcare

dimensional image in this case of super tall is; actually using it as more for marketing and funding to rather than just funding basically opening up for community. But there are people who basically start funding the company at Kickstarter Oh with honesty I’m a little skeptic there’s a limit to what you can; do with this model and the limits are both on the level of integrity of the whole venture you really need to deliver these are really consumers who are waiting for the product soon but one thing to change it changed very simple human problem somebody has a brilliant idea it .

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