what is a widget ? (WordPress)

what is a widget on pinterest

Today talk about it what is a widget  In wordpress let’s go into it right now . when I first started with WordPress there were pressed -is sort of kind of simple to use, but I got confused -between what …

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Delete Google Analytics Account Secrets Revealed

delete website from google analytics account

Today i will guide you about how to Delete Google Analytics Account. Accidentally created a property under the wrong account. I’m going to go ahead and delete- that from that account, and move into- its own account you to look …

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Send Text Message From Gmail Secrets Revealed

send text message from gmail app

Google has introduced its free SMS services Send Text Message From Gmail in allworld with this email users. Send for some to mobile phones Google has informed its website that , there is no need to pay any charges for …

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How To Use WordPress 4.6 To Desire

newspaper 4.6 wordpress theme

we  talk about the latest update to How To Use WordPress 4.6 . After update is made possible by a great team of contributors over 272 of them led by Dominic Shilling . WordPress  team to develop a 4.6 version …

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How to Past Adsense Page Level Ad Setup

Get complete information about  How to Past Adsense Page Level Ad Setup in advance Method. we’re sharing tips on how to add your, Google AdSense Page Level Ads to your blog or word press website. I’m going- to do real time example-with …

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International space station Life

 Get information  international space station Life . this is really cool right here that would work on a flat plane either a wall of for another wall In space. The ceiling but you know what you and all you have to …

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