Fast Migrate WordPress site from localhost to any server

migrate wordpress blogYour site that you’ve developed locally on your local host

and move it to your live server.

Everybody can see the site that you’ve been working so hard on the

first thing we’re going to do is have a look here they’re saying this is a site

that I developed for a plan we should be at the church site.

I’m going to test it out on this one we’re going to load it up for this

website  the first thing we need to do is go to into our dashboard here and

download a plug-in duplicator.

I already have one installed but if you don’t go ahead and do that

the plug-in is by liking the grid Migrate WordPress site and make sure you

get that one once you have it .

Installed taking this button that says boo now what: we wanted to hear is

click on the button moving WordPress that says create new so go ahead

and do that now what it’ll do:

it’ll give you a default name for the following you can change that name.

migrate wordpress site

If you like I usually leave it as it is if they, can put notes for good if that’s

something you repair WordPress database needed to do:

I usually don’t but you could if you wanted to you just click on this button

here and put you know it’s right here where it says no .

Migrate wordpress multisite to single site

I don’t do that but you can if you want I love these other drop-down menus for storage

i leave those alone you really don’t need to touch them to leave them

alone you can look at them if you want .

But i can’t delete the message but we didn’t have sex in the bottom right-hand

corner there’s a Bible :if I bought a button labeled next go ahead and click

on that button and it’s going to start scanning to build our package.

It’s stuff that has been completed everything looks good here and  we’re

ready to build that’s just click on this button at the bottom center to the bills go ahead

and click on that button Suns going to posit here while .

migrate wordpress database

I mailed the package for me so we he we haven’t moved files have been created

one is called his daughter-in-law just called our time: we need to download both of these

to someone fix Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress that

is easy to find .

Just go ahead and click on install it and then I’m going to download it to my desktop

i have a file they’re called YouTube video just so it’s easier for me to know that

it’s better than any man would take them to start HP fave say that then go ahead.

WordPress blog to new domain transfer

Pick up the other by the cold archive and download that one also no this one’s only

name and leave it as is which could have caused it I want to download Skype .

Once those files have been downloaded now we can go to our there’s two ways to

upload the file you’re going to do it.

I’ll show you both ways and you can decide which way you want to do it the first

way to do it is to use your cpanel so you should go to your site and look for your file manager

on your feet .

I know mine is Right years ago just navigate to the phone number HTML and I’ve

done that with you later thanks.

The other option is to do this by using a filezilla so if you wanted to use filezilla ,i’m just

going to your father last year and then you would navigate here from your desktop to your

dad what is it YouTube videos folder just plain bad second do it separately.

move database phpmyadmin

I’ll just stroll down here here we go YouTube videos open up and i love you too just so that

both of them and drive it over here to UPS drop off before that actually make sure your kids .

That the doctor told her it was, the way you wanted to go we want to go back and

I am in Wood bridge .

migrate wordpress blog to new host

If you feel like you’re donating their private over dropped it in there that shouldn’t

take very long that’s autoblog what I thought about it.

So here we have what we have :are files uploaded and ready to be installed but before

we do that we actually have to go back to our server and we need that the first thing .

We need to do this is still there so let’s do that it’s cold out here what we want

to do is go to :mySQL databases” on my desk you up so here I go on my

SQL databases that’s where you want to go to put them back and she will take a second

there .

Moving wordpress error establishing a database connection

They will be brought to occasionally this year both may be different than that just

because he says here to create a database you would press this button,

but first we wanted to put something in there that’s because I just something he wouldn’t write

something Migrate WordPress site like this .

We have that the database created now we can see that the next thing we

gotta do is create a new user so you scroll down on the same page and then you’ll come

to a patient if my SQL user what is a widget in wordpress and you just had something here .

Just call it to whatever you want to call it but just put it YouTube user what is limiting need

to adjust that let’s just “do that and we got a notice was that just for this.

migrate wordpress com to wordpress org

Test is going to put something simple you would never do this for real you would actually

put up a very strong password but this is just a test and anybody’s taking it though by the time

this video.”

I’m going to delete all this so don’t even -bother trying to have this i will be gone but  just

doing it for demonstration purposes they create the user, I was going to have to do

it longer .

local-host to server site transfer

Created successfully so the next thing to do if you have to add a user to the database of school

for the section where it says something to the effect that add a user to a database .

Select the database with creative and also select a user recreated here to give the database

is the user input and then here is going to protest what privileges do we want to

give this user what we want to get them all printed -out there nothing:

to be able to do anything right so give them all privileges and Clinic name changes let’s do it .

At 9pm that’s been successfully done and then from here we just got to go to a new

tab and then we’re going to go to www a whatever your domain name is Mindless

Behavior Woodbridge.

The board and then put it will just take time you’re going to get something like this

tells you the 2 files that we got out of there you can easily just finished PHP or we can

put it to the test with flying colors the PHP it .

migrate wordpress cpanel

Just rings with no sleep and feel better there he just type it in there and then hit enter

it’s going to bring you to a place like this so we want to do it here and leave it where it’s a great

day today and we got to hold it should be localhost.

Export wordpress html

If it’s not that’s going to be hard and so what you have to do then is that I’m supposed

to be the last one to see what the host name is but most of them should be localhost:

you want to do now is fill in these fields here right here we have the name that’s the name

of the database .

We created the case you just put that in there I would actually when we created there

when you create your soul actually recommended that the copy of somewhere then you

can just All-in-One WP Migration paste it .

After a daily user name. But usually we created also and then the password is why i wasn’t

answering i think it was rude one and I’m sure everything looks good then we could see that.

Good scroll down click on this button here that says he let you read all the warnings

and notices and then click on the Run employment say then let’s let it load and then

here we go we have this so this is basically telling us .

wordpress migrate posts from one site to another

What the bolts in his word this is for my local photos this is Anthony this is

what i know you are i was going to be with Dish Network which is correct .

This is the path and Migrate WordPress site on and so forth with the title the

rest you can just leave it alone it won’t update at the bottom right-hand corner

deposit for a second what does that mean positive pretty quickly.

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