How To Make Money On Social Media “Expert Improve Method”

how to make money with social media marketing

I really want to have a discussion with you guys in the comments this is not just like Oh leave a comment on my video but i really want everyone to look each of you to let each other know how you make money at home because :

Make money with social media jobs

I’m not going to tell you so definitely let me know if you make money at home how you do it because I do have a part-time job and make money on social media I have YouTube of course but I love to make extra money so i have a feeling and Christian made bounced in and out of the video with me so let’s get right into it : like I said I do have a job I work for Verizon Wireless,


and I have that part time just three days a week but I do like to make other money from home, so the first way that I’m going to share with you guys is if you have a youtube channel and you’re not getting paid for your videos .

Make money with social media book

If you’re already partnered with a network, or you already monetize your videos you can skip ahead to about two minutes ahead in the video but if you make videos that you’re not getting paid for them stay tuned for this part because.


I’m gonna let you know how i get paid for my videos, so the first thing is that you want to monetize your videos it’s in the settings make money with Amazon whenever you upload a video; it will say settings or advanced settings, and you want to click monetize basically that just means that you’re giving Google permission to run a little ad before your video just like a five second ad you can skip it if you want,

but basically that’s how you’re going to; go ahead and get paid and you can do that with Google and get paid into a google Adsense account which just goes to your bank or you can be partnered I know a lot of the big beauty girls are partnered with style haul personally .

how to make money with social media book

Make money posting ads on facebook

I have full screen, and I love it so many people that I also know have full screen, and basically we get paid I’m not on subscribers or anything like that we get paid per video view so if you get paid per thousand views I’m so you link your PayPal account and you get paid right into my bank account the end of every month which is amazing ”

if you’ve been making videos; for a long time or even if you just started you only have a few videos up make sure that you’re definitely getting paid for those videos because i know personally it takes me hours to set up filming to edit make money with click-bank everything and I mean you definitely want to get paid for that if you guys are looking for a good network and I do have full screen. I absolutely love it I would honestly really recommend them.

Paid social media jobs

I will have a link in the bottom bar so you can apply for a full screen if you would like to if you have a channel and you’re not partnered with anyone basically the reason i like them is because on their website they give you so many there’s like a portion of their website where they give you songs because_

i know it’s really hard to find copyright free music for your youtube videos they give you like thousands of songs through a company called Audio micro which is totally free for us just for being a partner Christian I’m afraid he’s going to move the tripod and they have other boards and forums you can connect with other girls you can like help get your subscriber count up and meet more friends so there are forms where you can chat with other girls invite them over to your channel I know when I was first starting out; that helped me a lot to gain a lot of friends and a lot of subscribers, and there’s also like there’s something called beauty full screen ;

Jobs without investment

which is kind of like their beauty vlogger section they email you every week about other ways that you can earn money, and they’re just always there for you if you have questions I mean personally for me; it’s really helped me to have a partner program so if you are not partners like I said I would have a link in the bottom bar you can click there.

how to make money with social media pdf

Media jobs affiliate
You’ll fill out an application to apply and then they’ll take a look at your channel, and then they’ll email you back and letting you know if they want you to be a part of their program but I have definitely found that it’s been really beneficial to me in meeting people and learning how to kind of navigate my youtube channel when I was starting out ora really long time, so that’s definitely a really good way that’s kind of how- I make money on my youtube videos the next way that I’ve been making actually a lot of money; from home is by using an exchange group and basically all you need to do for this is have Facebook actually created an exchange group in my city,

and I’m like the owner or the administrator of it and i have like five thousand members in there now oh you wanna say hi ok say hi everyone my hair is messy because;i just woke up ok so with an exchange group basically so you put the city and where you live,

and it’s like say you live in Fall Break it’s literally called Fallbrook exchange you make that group on facebook, or you search for a group and you’ll find a ton of people who live in that city who; are selling things which are making crafts and selling them basically .

How Facebook makes money from users

I just went through my closet and all my old stuff that I didn’t need anymore I took pictures of, and then I posted it on that site.

i had like old curtains jeans books anything like that, and i will post it on that site, and I will say for sale how much it is, and it’s really cool because people who want your stuff they’ll drive to your house and you don’t have to like meet ;them if it’s like creepy you can leave something on your porch, and they will put money under your mat, and they will take it, so someone will comment like I’m interested in those pants where do you live one can i get them and I’ll get just personal message them and they’ll pick stuff up from my house and guys honestly.

how to make money on social media sites

I’ve literally made ;like probably five or six hundred dollars off that there’s an exchange group in my city and I post on there all the time things that I don’t need old like candles.
I’ve never used like jeans clothes books like old purses and you guys have like coach purses or any designer purses .

like anything and it’s really cool because they’re in your city you don’t have to waste your gas someone comes to your house and they pick up the item so I have found that to be an awesome; thing for me when I’m not at work on my days off I’ll just like take pictures of stuff i don’t need upload them right onto facebook, and it’s  simple because they’re in your city so it’s kind of like a garage sale but like online or on Facebook and I’m sure you can also do this type of stuff on craigslist also another thing that i do probably about once a month or once every two months with my family is have a garage sale .

Earn money by posting ads without investment
I know this sounds super simple but maybe it’s just something you know you could do but you haven’t thought of in a while even if their stuff that you don’t want that you think like oh no one’s ever gonna want that someone will want it probably like .

I said old clothes anything and we always put flyers of Christian sorry for you can hear that and we always put flyers up on our street and let people know we’re having a garage sale and as long ;as we started early like 6am or seven a.m. on Saturday we get so many people who come by and just like water old stuff so i can make like a hundred or two hundred dollars on that in just one day so if you think that you don’t have enough stuff for a straight garage sale people love those people love driving to one street and just getting all their shopping done I mean imagine if you had four or five houses having a garage sale at the same time it’s going to benefit everyone .

I think that’s a really simple way you guys might have already obviously known that one but just to kind of refresh in your mind it is a really good way to just make really quick money another way that .

I make money is through debates again if you guys already know about this one you can skip ahead but basically if you do any online shopping through any store like anything like pennies Macy’s got body works anything all you have to do is go to debates and you purchase the item through there you go to and then they have all the stores listed and you ‘click on Macy’s or wherever you’d like to shop and that evades directs you to the Macy’s”

paid social media jobs without investment

Get paid to post ads for companies online

website and as long as you go through rebates they give you cash back you’re seriously getting paid to shop it’s so so so easy so basically you click on Macy’s or click on whatever story base will direct you there and because you went through their site they’ll give you cash back it totally various there’s like two percent through ten percent like in every few months you get paid into your;

PayPal account which just goes right into your bank account so you literally get paid to shop through their; website because they’re getting the advertisement, so they don’t mind like paying you back because they run ads on their; site and everything so literally if you do any type of online shopping you have to go to eBay its first like just go it’s so easy and you get paid a lot especially.

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