How to make High Quality Backlinks (Any website )

get high quality backlinks for your websiteI use to crack into the top 1 million blogs in the world ,

and just continue going forward from there- so if you follow me.

if you read any of my stuff I’m pretty- into Association -Eddie Money figure:

Out what ,works how to get the stuff make High Quality Backlinks

to say to Google  that you know my target,

audience sees .

It no man teach you how I did that so the first thing- when addresses what’s a back like,

So don’t start that no “one would think is a bad thing is a web page link to another site .

Using a hyperlink you seen these before they’re usually colored blue and you can click,

on them and it opens up a new tab or new -window and redirect you to a new website .

The more badly save a webpage has the more popular it is in Google’s eyes,

to his web page, must be popular because there-‘s a lot of people back linking to it .

Think is that, the more we have the better: chance you have a drink it’s,

Also important, that website so focused on ,individual posts or pages instead :

of trying to our website domain www.Facebook.Com icon .

finding high quality backlinks

How to lose weight fast- we trying to rain that how to lose weight fast but not necessarily,

The domain, so start doing it to have a list of keywords that way again so check out.

My cards keywords salons talk -about now we know what about when you give some thought ,

About how it, affects search engine ,optimization not -all things are created equal there’s certain things.

That carry more weight more power okay now .

1.High quality directories backlinks 

“We’re just like pagerank and relevance so these are two factors, that really affects,

how much power ,will that make it -so when you use this example to illustrate.

It say you had a website about Finance if the Wall Street Journal their website”

Link to your website  and that would carry a lot of power because Wall Street Journal ,

has high Authority also get Download ninja blaster free know it’s.

A very credible source ,and its established been around for a long time google,

knows too much already but -also lets the page page rank it has type a drink a 40 .

But it also has a relevant because you’re fine as well the Wall Street Journal:

they’re in the same match that makes sense .

Now if you had some, random dog training website link that your finances ,first of all

there’s no paid rent there because this random dog -training website isn’t in the Authority website

Google doesn’t see it as an authority .

you can also  Eid-Ul-Fitr Images 2016 Download free all type,

high quality backlinks software

Also there’s no -relevance dog training is up-to-date with Finance so wouldn’t carry, a lot of power

and the next thing ,you want to look at is the actual anatomy of a family .

2.High Site quality dofollow backlinks

There’s a thing called ,a do follow that link and I know follow baffling now -the important

distinction is that a: new following correctly count as a vote for your website .

While ago ,following will not now in -order to tell if it’s a new follower no follow

we have to look at the HTML code .

Before you get off I don’t have a code to know if he looked -super super simple so

I’m going to show you exactly to show you an example,

I actually do ,this in a minute but just take a note on your screen look at the following structure .

high quality buy backlinks

It looks like they still have a- chance you are available but I know following will have

the most important thing to- look at is a no following will have this are L equals quote no follow.

You can have that I’m actually not counting as a vote for your web page ,

here’s two examples is a guest post that I wrote on a good friend of mine’s website .

3. 100 high quality Education backlinks

Scroll down all the way down- we have a link to, my website

What -I’m going to hit up the code notice Anatomy ,exam Blockbuster hotspot and

scroll down to the comment section no more people young people like to leave comments .

Sometimes easier to- follow some websites have to follow,

I don’t know if you scroll over these purses purses, seem to hear about the comment.

You know this is the link back to her -blogger out of a blog post looks like: me right quick

give me inspect element you’ll notice though .

Google ranking backlinks

He’s not getting actual power regular website ,that he just has no has no education

or there they have nothing no sadness about- search engine optimization

that was going to have a whole mix of the follow following weekend.

We call that a balanced, portfolio rebalancing portfolio which of the following tactics

that really do not abide by certain rules.

4. Get high forum quality backlinks For website

There hardcore, cheating Google’s algorithm to- read contents the top of the search engine

results pages ,

and you’re not really careful here- that Google will notice that they will slap you.

You know a lot of people, who do black hat SEO -it’s to turn a quick profit

they rank a blog post a blog ?

websites the top page of Google they make up they make some money.

But then Google we know how to make 2000$ to YouTube  

that they find out and they- penalize this website

My website to do it forever .

what is High website quality backlinks

Why did she is pretty much 100% natural and -organic rankings ,

this is essentially how someone would their website they didn’t even know.

They were out there giving Google ,how do I get people to share it and it’s- not a problem

let’s go ahead and go into my back Lincoln strategy .

How we’re going to.0 properties to add pages to a property is just a page from a website

that allows user generated content, you know any website builder Blogspot Tumblr.

5. Create high website Links quality for  easy  backlinks for Google Ranking

You can go on their Pages YouTube those are all properties -Webb properties

best photos for example of illustration- his post like a thousand words .

Then what, we do is we can dance and we rewrite this exact same article a couple different

time .

It may be just four times you can you make it smaller to 200 + 400 + 600 words

and you publish it on different Web 2.0 Web 2.0 properties like maybe you plug publish one of the contestants.

If you publish on different ;Web 2.0 properties with different anchor text that you create for balance

from high-quality sites 1221 outside .

Now we repeat ,this process for keywords that we want to rain for and we

build up a thority Insurgent overtime over twitter profile

Here’s a list of some of the properties and some of the ones that

I’ve used to search and search and it’s actually included.

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