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jewish world review wikiThere is a very important role given to the Gentile,

believers the Gentile believers are said:
To be that which completes the church IE-

when the church first got started was all Jewish believers.

But we were not complete if all the early church -was only guys named Goldberg and Zaretsky and geologists” look like my grandfather’s original name was changed on the boat by the way to; balance didn’t so if you only had biology books jet skis and bounds.”
We’d be in trouble Jewish world review because the church would not yet be complete it doesn’t

get complete until;

the Gentiles knock at the door and say can.

We join and then they partially; closed the door: in the book of Acts and them

“said there’s a guy here with blonde hair:

and blue eyes Jewish World Review on Wikipedia

and he says he wants to believe in our Jewish Messiah .

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Whoever’s heard; of such mashugana nonsense, you know what kind of studio this year.

I gotta get a Hebrew word for nonsense book whoever heard of this and then some

voice in the back says you know most back in Isaiah chapter 49 it says that.

It’s not enough that the Messiah should come- to just raise up the tribes of Jacob but the Messiah will also be or legally him .

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He will be a light to the Gentiles that my salvation may go to all of the parts of the earth in fact turn there with me. To Isaiah chapter 49 as you need:
to see this, and you need to embrace it for yourself in so far is the majority here are from noon-Jewish.
Backgrounds you need to understand God’s heart for all of you and in Isaiah chapter 49

here’s where you all are included Isaiah chapter 49.

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If you don’t know this verse you’re not familiar with that you need to embrace it the Lord is:

speaking the Messiah speaking thus says Jehovah for me and me speaking.

There is the Messiah before Isaiah 49 verse 5 verse 5 Isaiah 49 verse 5.

The Jehovah is speaking, and he’s saying to,

and he’s talking with the Sun there’s a conversation going back and forth here then the Sun speaks he says Jehovah said to me that: polar loop review Latest you’re to be my servant to bring, Jacob back to God in order to Israel might be gathered to him that’s job pay for the Messiah.
But then in verse 6 God says to him God the father says jewish world review God the Son it is too small thing that you “should you might mentally put in the word merely to only raise up:
The tribes of Jacob to restore.

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The preserved ones of Israel he says I will also make you a light to the Gentiles in the Hebrew phrase there is orally going in I will make you ,
ends of the earth in your Bible; the words my salvation are two words in English my and salvation but in the original

“Hebrew text it’s just one word and the one word is the name Yeshua.

It’s literally so that my Yeshua Yeshua is: the name for salvation and literally

what verse 6 is saying is that my Jesus may reach”

to the ends of the earth that’s what that says the original Hebrew text.

I can show you the text later it’s the name Yeshua the end is stuck on its and it’s my Yeshua the Gentiles were said to be sitting in darkness.
The shadow of death but the light of Messiah has now shown upon you.

As a result turn me over to Ephesians chapter two.

I’m going to share with Jewish world review bait some cloud tonight and go to

Ephesians chapter 2 as a consequence of the light of Messiah:

shining upon you-you now become partakers fellow partakers of this new covenant that .we’re now discussing because you want to say well where do we come in.

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If the New Covenant is made with the Jews where’s our part in all of this and here it is Ephesians chapter 2 verse 11 remember?

Therefore the flesh by human hands remembers at that time you were separate from the Messiah are.

I don’t know where your ancestors were 2,000 years ago but were worshiping idols of one sort or another perhaps they were in Scandinavia for was all the rage or in Russia or Spain or wherever it was but sitting in darkness.

The shadow of death was separate from the:

Mess iah you were excluded from the family of God establishing peace at that upper room in

Jerusalem on that day of Pentecost as the disciples were gathered a brand new entity was born.
We call that entity the church it was a brand-

new thing it’s not as trial it’s a new creation and ultimately it would be comprised of Jews

and Gentiles whom God would bring together just as the priest on the holiday of Shiva lote brought the loaves together presented them before the Lord and establish this new creation so he says he verse it says for in Christ nor,

Gentile a lot of people will focus on the fact they don’t focus in on the fact that :
There is neither, male nor female would like to see that distinction erasedĀ  some of us rather enjoy that distinction God intended there to be continued:

to be male and female in the body of Messiah especially by-polls writer you can see –

there remains to be male and female. In what way is there,

not male or female in the pathway into the body there is only one pathway- for men and women the pathway the methodology:

of salvation is the same so for men and women there’s only one way,

there’s no separate pathway for men separate pathway for women there’s no separate pathway for salvation for Jews .

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A different one for Gentiles there is only one as we remain either male or female after we come to salvation: in the same way we both remain Jews and Gentiles and that’s seen amplified and repeated here in verse 18 for through him.

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We both the distinction somehow continues even after salvation that’s .Because we’re all under the same roof you see”

the distinction is still there because even under the same roof there can still be male and female there’s mom and dad brother and sister it’s still one family: no one should get nervousĀ  through him both.


It is so then you are no longer strangers and aliens but you are now fellow citizens

with the Saints and -our of God’s household having been built upon a drawing: of God in the spirit so if no one has yet welcomed you into the body of Messiah let me be the first as like the official Jewish representative to welcome all of you Gentiles into the Jewish family .

You are said to be according to the scripture of the Commonwealth of Israel it doesn’t make you literal Jews but it makes you and here’s the point your outline to get back to the outline all hewas wondering.

If I’d ever get back to the outline okay number three in your outline here’s the scriptural:

support that Gentile believers are fellow jewish world review partakers of the new-

covenant you’re not the takers over ok there is no replacement theology here,

but you are fellow partakers your shares together with the Jewish believers.It wasn’t until the Gentile believers came in at the body of Messiah.

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Became complete, so that is your place you have finished the body of Messiah no Gentile believers nobody of Messiah.

Because it would be incomplete and that’s why optimally:

it ‘d be good to see in every single body believed in congregation whether they identify themselves traditional evangelical messianic. Those distinctions start to disappear;

it would be nice to see New Syntha 6 Review if we get nice to see both Jews and Gentiles and every single body of believers it’d be easy then to say look here’s a “demonstration of the kingdom of God. As such right now.

I believe we need messianic congregations for some reasons messianic congregations ;very graphically illustrate.

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Jewish world review media clueless about the inner city
But as traditional evangelical churches are supportive of the idea of Jewish people,

coming into the kingdom of the idea of Jewish people having the ability to have a distinct expression just as we realize that there are some in all kinds of ethnic communities;

that will simply by preference have” congregations; that have that distinct cultural sort of proclamation.

They will customize the culture of the kingdom to their own, and that’s fine they have leeway in that as we saw in Romans 14 Jewish world review we recognize now that the Gentile believers are fellow partakers of the New Covenant as your chart demonstrates .

The status of the new covenant it’s here it’s now, but in a sense, it’s not fully yet to paraphrase and steal a phrase from our dear friend Charles robbery it’s now it’s here, but the same time it’s not fully yet present because we’ve not seen.

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