Jamberry Nails Review-A Step By Step Guide

 Jamberry nails review on the nail polish strips that you are seen everywhere I used to only use obviously nail polish and I stopped using nail polish a lot.

Because I’m a stay-at-home mom my hands are in water a lot and even with the topcoat the Polish wouldn’t stay on that long so when I saw these new nail strips.

You’ll see them everywhere the guess the big ones now are the Sally Hansen nail salon or salon effects real nail polish strips and they colors and:
the new direct selling company out that is selling the strips are  Jamberry nail their vinyl adhesive viny strips they have an adhesive backing and them reapplied with heat and pressure.

Jamberry nails compensation plan

I wanted to try wanted to see how they compare to one another if it’s worth the money if it’s not with the money because they’re expensive .

I mean honestly. If you want to spend the money you want them to last and you want them to be good quality, i decided to do Jamberry on one hand salon effects on the other see how they compare.

i’ma let you tell you have what i found out so I got these in the mail bought a a style that was supposed to be the same ok then we’ll look ceiling.
Anyway, the Mary calls for your first kind of crap both you know they both pretty much have the same prep steps: on there, so you’re going to need nothing came with you Mary just the shields and a sheet of instructions and also with Jim Berry:

  • They offer an online video you can watch and make sure that you’re putting on correctly because with both of these.
  • I learned you really going to want to take your time and make sure that you get them on their the right way really; be meticulous about the edges.
  • The prep before you even put them on you want to make sure that your nails are  really clean the cuticles are pushed back there the surfaces and kind of stuff a little bit to adhere them the strips to your nail .
  • You’re really going to want to take a lot of time I’m prepping them before you even really get started.

I took a lot of time to do that okay and with Jamberry.


Jamberry Nails Review
Jamberry Nails Review

# Why i left jamberry?

The salon effects also you’re going to need obviously nail polish remover to make sure that your surfaces clean -and free of any kind of debris here polish or whatever;

then you’re going to have your nail file you can file it all ya you’re gonna have a buffer to buffer stuff the surface and your orange stick your cuticle pusher to push all that cuticle stuff that they also recommend that you have some scissors nail scissors:

Because you’re going to have to with the with the j very strips are going to have to trim the excess off because it is a vinyl strip it’s not a Polish like the salon effects, and you can’t just you know file it off you’re going to have to trim; it cut it whatever,

so you want to get a really nice clean edge with Jamberry you’re going to need a blow dryer heat is how they’re applied ok so not obviously none ;of that came with with the Jamberry nails you should probably already have that if you don’t.

jamberry ruined my nails
jamberry ruined my nails

they’re just what fifty cents each maybe the store so with salon effects they actually had in the package- the orange stick their nails their instructions and a filer buffer,

and this was all inclusive ok, so first off the difference in the two ok this is a real nail polish strip it smells like nail-polish feelsReview of optometry ” Business Park Slope Eye”

Penn course review

like nail polish but it’s obviously in a solid form vinyl these are vinyl vinyl strips they have an adhesive backing their really you can feel that there are a lot stronger a lot tougher and I did they can be replete they can be lifted off and replaced and fixed if need be.

How much does a jamberry consultant make

I started out with jamberry I’ve used this much, and i also did my daughter’s i did both of my daughters ages six and 8i will say for little girls to the heart recommend Jamberry nails”

  • I couldn’t get them to stay still long enough they didn’t like the blow dryer they didn’t like adding the heat to their nails they kinda they did not get a good bond .
  • I couldn’t get the pressure and the heat correctly on them they didn’t allow me to do that 6 and 8.

I’m thinking is probably too young now if you have a child who is older or who likes to sit and kind of just play and you know do that kind of thing go for it but for my girls that didn’t work they came off they didn’t really like them and they have;

to keep applying on so but for me .

jamberry nails catalog
jamberry nails catalog

I did like i said i did the prep great i really took my time because I wanted it to I wanted it to do really well I wanted to look good and I wanted to give it a really good fair chance so that I can make a decision:

whether i like them or not because I’m considering becoming a consultant and then selling these, and I want to do that if I don’t like the product so here we got this is how they turned out okay this is Jamberry for one hand?


it took me about 35 minutes for one hand so really you’re going to want to sit down and really take your time to get a good turnout on these okay, and these can be a clock applied to Kiril lich nails.

Essie nail wraps

You know I’m assuming any type of now they’re shiny I’m not worried at all about stuffing them I’ve had a mom I put them on last night and here it is the next night and that there’s no you can’t tell any difference there’s no bit.

You mean how there hasn’t been anywhere shown -I’ve been washing dishes and changing diapers and giving baths and all that and I mean there’s no:Body beast review :huge Chest:

if they look just like they did last night jamberry reviews fungus so I’m impressed by that because with my heart day here at home.

I my polish regard to be chipped and stuff by now so I’m excited about that the pattern for me is bold I’m not this type of person,

I’m a lot of women can pull this bolt pattern off nails catalog i can’t believe i’m more laid-back, quiet type person.Soft, subtle ‘colors are more my speed my husband was kind of shocked when you sell this- but I mean they’re cute i like them they’re cute again I would not choose this fold of a pattern for myself.

jamberry nail damage
jamberry nail damage

But I wanted a comparable patter, and this was the closest.

I could get for both companies so now on to the salon effects this was really easy to apply you didn’t need anything other than what was in there the file and the cuticle pusher;

Opi nail wraps sephora

you just getting them out ok they come packaged up like this there’s a to a package you have to peel down which I had trouble getting into it first and then they come in individual strips like this okay they’re all different sizes,

you’re going to match it up you know to find the one that matches and then you have two layers that you’re going to pull off the first layer and then the second layer when I was this.

I’ve been feeling this one off so I could show you but I’m tough to do especially when you’re going to do you know two hands it’s frustrating especially if you don’t work well with little bitty things and my fingers are big.

I had trouble doing this the only other thing I mean it smells like nail-polish the odor is there if you don’t like the older if you don’t like the strong nail polish smell i don’t recommend these and i will use these again for my daughter’s.

I wouldn’t buy on all the time because there 850 one-time-use I was able to be very careful with these and I was able to use this for more than one finger.

why i left jamberry
why i left jamberry

If you’re very very careful i think you could stretch it out to more nails negative reviews than one years if you’re not and you get it all bunched up and stuff it’s not going to work well.

Opi nail wraps vs jamberry

It’ll just be a one-time use you know one stripper finger but if you’re careful and you take your time I think you could stretched out and possibly get maybe two uses out of these ok what i use these again.

I would choose the Jamberry for myself because I’m rough on my fingers compensation plan uk and I’m in the water all the time and I’ll i would like forward to stay nice longer.

For my daughters yes for me i would choose the Jamberry, so my overall opinion of the two separate strips jamberry very durable I really like the durability,

and they have like I went on their website.

  • I think i counted like over 60 different styles to choose from lots and lots of really cute cute designs so durability apply correctly.
  • I think that they’re going to last a long time jamberry average income they say that the last up to two weeks ok on your hands and like six weeks on your toes so the durability is really really good.

i like them a lot for my daughter’s us much.

how much does a jamberry consultant make
how much does a jamberry consultant make

Sally Hansen we don’t know polish strips essie nail wraps ;if you want something quick something cute and maybe for younger girls I think this is great i think it’s worth the money.

i think i paid 850 and if you can stretch it out and get to uses out of its well worth it again i don’t think you’d want to spend a 50 every week but for a fun switch up from polish i really like it i think it’s cute for girls party.

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