International space station Life

international space station from earth Get information  international space station Life .

this is really cool right here that would work on a flat plane either a wall of for another wall In space.

The ceiling but you know what you and all you have to do is turn yourself and your reference changes the reason.

I bring it up it’s because this is where for out of six of us and so people always ask about sleeping bag .

I got a sleeping bag right here that was sleeping so we don’t have a list of what the little bit of a cover or we don’t fly all over the place,

But you know you can sleep in any orientation I have it sleeping feeling like I’m standing up right now on space station.

international space station facts


I’m on the floor but it doesn’t matter if I and I sleep upside down I can’t have it I don’t have any sensation in my head that tells me that I’m upside down.

it really doesn’t matter the substation is also like a little office we’ve got a computer in here as you can see you got a couple little things.

I’ve got some books I’ve got some clothes and other things that and just for reference that’s one sweet station is one another right here.

There’s one on the ceiling if you want to call it right here and then no good for any other way over here so sleep in a little bit of it is the bathroom take your toothbrush .

Brush see how much better the brush makes my hair look a lot of people ask about toothbrush and toothpaste  luckily enough toothpaste you can do it outside right this way.

It’s sticky and so it sticks to your toothbrush no problem another cool thing is that water sticks to your toothbrush so you can see it.

I’ll have some water come out the water is pretty neat up in space professional makeup what are the most pressing questions about using people living in space of course the bathroom.

So let’s take a look at that little piece of work alone and here we are at the throne this is awesome I might seem a little late of notice a little bit on the outside this is horrible out here and of course.

international space station inside

It’s true number to hear I’m sure it’s pretty small so you have to have pretty good aim people out of toilet paper.

We do a favor what kind of favor do you have some time we have some rights which are a little bit cause if you like the course type of toilet paper we have some nice tissues which are nice and soft.

If you like some toilet paper we have Huggies just for any cleanup you know we are all babies once again out of control.

We have disinfectant wipes just to make sure we clean up here cuz you know just like the water I showed you the number one stock answer to go all over the place.

If you don’t incorrectly but did I mention both of these have a little bit of suction so they shouldn’t keep things going in the right there.

Iike I said sometimes things get a little out of control if you are out of control yourself lying around so we have lots of protective stuff and of course you do every Friday there’s.

A little door so other people know that you’re in there here’s a pretty cool place with the sort of like in your house wherever after you wash your face brush your teeth .

You want to find something for breakfast and this is our kitchen you might notice there’s all sorts of food here is like opening the refrigerator and got all your different stuff,

That you want to have drinks meat eggs vegetables cereal bread snacks and that’s good place at 3 side dishes and then some powerbars just in case.

So we have all this type of food some of it is dehydrated and so we have to hydrated fill it up with water some of it is already made.

Then all we have to do is heated up for something like this I pulled out the barbecue beef brisket pretty yummy.

If it made in the USA we also have food here from Japan we’ve gotten Russian food as you can see all those red containers are filled with students from Russia .

International Space Station

Now we get some of our specialty stuff some things that we like some of our favorite stuff that your family can send up the fact that I like fluffernutter.

I can make life and everything about it so you have a lot of food up here no problems knowing where we are right now in the Japanese laboratory.

It’s one laboratory out of many here on the International Space Station it’s actually on the left hand side if I was International Space Station .

I was left hand would be where the Japanese laboratory is so now we’re on the right hand side all the way on the right of International Space Station this is Columbus the European model.

It has been science experiments all over you can see it looks a little bit crowded in here we do a lot of our medical experiments.

International space station Life

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