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my name is Amir Carter and todaythe process of installing,

and setting up WordPress plug-in and for everyone

who might be familiar with WordPress.But knew that you allow

me to explain briefly:what is and how look -at

your website Install and Setting Yoast SEO wordPress Plugin

The process of getting traffic from organic or natural search engine,

largest of the three Google use a complex algorithm,

that turns data into search results.

Basically no one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works.

In fact they give you an idea of just how complex Google’s ranking system is.

I remember reading somewhere at one point, even,

Google what was going on in their system but I digress website now.

If your website owner is a big deal boats,

the better as, it allows more people to find you.

So what is the secret to getting the highest ranking.

Basically just making sure your website has all the necessary components,

needed for the search engine known as Google.

how to install yoast wordpress seo plugin

Generated by yoast’s wordpress seo plugin

And thanks to the SEO plugin all the convenient package.

First things first start off by installing yoast SEO plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

So what you want to do is log into WordPress, however,

over the plug-in tab it’ll be on the left side.

And click on the add new button.

what’s wrong plug-in page type, in the search bar yoast SEO from here.

We’re going to install to verify.

you’re installing the correct plug-in.

Be sure to look for the plug-in with this symbol,

the four-star rating as well as the OnePlus million active installs,

go ahead and click on install but now she can already see.

I’m going to go ahead and head over; once you click install button.

All you have to do afterwards activate.

Have to work head over to the yellow tab on the left side,

and click on the general tab from here.

yoast wordpress seo plugin double title

How to configure wordpress seo plugin by yoast

you’ll be presented with an introduction to our latest changes and restore default settings.

tab now there’s nothing to do here; seeing as how you’re all, unless,

you like to start at 2 but besides that we’re going to ignore the section for now,

and click on your info by default Google displays your website’s name,

however, you can change this by taking the name of your current website listen to this.

Just allows you to show.

if your website is being represented as a company or name,

you notice if you choose company the options will change;

allowing you to insert the company name and logo mind you the info typed will be considered as well,

which is basically, a snippet of text that describes the pages.

Also it doesn’t show up on the website page familiar with the webmaster tools;

says take the liberty of integrating the verification feature.

Here at this plug-in so you can verify your website.

Assuming that you haven’t already verification process.

Verifying your site up in this process,

so here; I’ll show you how to verify your site now,

because Google is the largest of the four,

will use Google webmaster tools to verify a site, now what you want to do is,

go ahead and click on the Google search console link.

And what you did to the verification page go ahead and click on the alternate method.

Google yoast seo plugin for wordpres

Click on the HTML tag and copy the line of code now,

before he changes everything outside of the quotation marks turn to the webmaster tools dashboard,

and click verify now.

Congrats website is not verified by now,

you can look at the stats;

you can submit site map to be kept in the loop about critical issues involving your site;

thank you next up, let’s go to the security tab.

Here you can allow us and others to either redirect those two other URLs or not.

And it’ll also forbid them from not indexing your post so,

and shorts if you don’t trust your editors and authors for all this.

This should be checked next episode over to the home page.

Or tab now I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but after a little research,

I found that it was developed to be relevant for on-page SEO,

so again for those; who may not know the first two factors that have an effect on your website.

Define it must be a big deal Install and Setting Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin but it sure is.

Or gives website owners a breakdown in detail about what’s going on,

with their website options over all this good idea.

Now let’s go ahead and click on titles and metastatic okay so here is,

where it comes into play now.

You can leave for sprite Sunset unless you want to go to write titles for pages.

yoast wordpress seo plugin free download

How to set up yoast wordpress seo plugin

There’s no need to change this unless you would like to have something like this top

or bottom little act as a shortcut,

to determine the title and description of the first page.

So let’s go ahead and click on the top link.

so here’s my homepage and from here we can have a title and description.

Now it’s worthy to note that when adding a title,

it’s always a good idea keyword all right now we can take a stroll down.

Below are description division of our website,

will look in the search results by looking at the snippet editor and on top of;

that it allows us to change the title URL and description on the Fly

but know that you’ll see content analysis;

which is a collection of content checks that analyze the content of your page.

So in short engages how will your pages of Performing SEO eyes.

Let’s move over to the advanced Add A Website In Google Webmaste tab configure

wordpress seo plugin by yoast;

the one that looks like a gear Metro bus information you put on your web page

but it’s telling the search engines,

you don’t want them in that particular page or you don’t want them to follow any links on that page.

So why would I use metal robot tags and SEO oil changes off the search engines.

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