How to Insert a Photo Gallery into a WordPress Easily

wordpress image gallery plugin

We’re going to insert a word press gallery in to post all right, and WordPress create gallery
the way to do that is to begin up here with this Add Media button also you can use image gallery plugin , so we click that, and we go into our media manager our media library you’ll notice when we first come in here that called best word-press gallery.

WordPress gallery slideshow

You see all these word press image gallery carousel in the year these are the images that are already in my media library, and I know I’m there because I go up here.


It shows I’m in my media library and so if you’d like to make a gallery from images that are already in your media library then this is the pain that you want to be in, and so you’re already here, so we’re
going to upload some files wordpress gallery short code but we’ll do that in a second first let’s go ahead.

  • Take a look here add some of the things that you can do .
  • If I want to add say this image to my gallery then i click on it.
  • if I want to add let’s say the next image.

if I click on this, you’ll notice that this one is d selected, so you have to what you have to
do is once you click on an image to add the heading element in wordpress select it nextgen gallery wordpress you’re going to have to either whichever ones ; i want wherever they are and you can see they’re added right by the check marks or another thing I can do is I can select a range and by a range.

wordpress gallery shortcode

Wp canvas gallery

I mean that let’s say I want all of the images in these top two rows so i click on the first one, and then i click the; shift button on my keyboard wordpress image gallery plugin with thumbnails and I go to the last one in the range that; I want, and then I select that, and it selects all those in a range .

Let’s say I want to add this one down here as well so once all those are selected I’ll need to hit the control button , and select that to add WordPress gallery lightbox it if i want to take that out or take any out again I’m hitting the control button.
i want to take this one out right add custom font icone in wordpress so if I were to just to select this
is going to do it then you see all those become unselected right so you have to be careful what you’re doing but of course, you can always correct it.
You’re in the media library here.

  1. You can create a gallery out of images in your media library which are something that you could not do before this new version gallery images photos of the media manager came out with version 3.5 of WordPress,
  2. That’s a nice improvement but let’s say I want to upload some files from my computer, so I’m gonna have to switch to this pain.

Best online photo gallery

i go into my computer and again I to select files that I want right click line but then if i click the next one then that becomes D selected right so what I need to do.


If i want to do them individually is to hit the control button and then select select select or if I want to select a range again i select the first one in the range and then I hit the shift button and select the last one in the range- and they’re all selected.Open here and it should bring all of those into my media library you’ll notice that it switches me back automatically-

to my media library, so these are the images.

wordpress gallery lightbox

Just added from my computer but then I also have the all these other images that were in my media library previously ok,

so that makes it easy for selecting other wordpress lightbox gallery plugin demo to let’s say I want to select this image that was already in my media library again I’m gonna have to click ctrl the button just add that one ok another nice addd special event timeline in wordpress thing about this new media manager is appeared right instead of getting all the images that are in my media library.

Photo gallery plugin word-press free

i could just select images that were uploaded to this post or go by just images or just audio or just video so that’s another nice feature there. Let’s say I’m going to put all these in my gallery these are the ones that I want to be selected:
you also notice that this one has a Envire Gallery blue border around it okay and so what that means is that this is not only selected but it’s active, so i can come over here, and i can put metadata in it ok which means i can give a different title whenever.

I want to give it I can put a caption in it I can put all text description etc. ok and because we’re doing a gallery then this alignment is not gonna not gonna matter, but one thing that you can do here is you can select where links –

okay so that would still matter Alright so let’s create our gallery and We have the images selected that we want we’re going to need to come over here on the –

wordpress image gallery carousel

Upfront wordpress plugin

left-hand side and click this link create calorie, and once we do that then it still looks the same, but it’s not the same because this button down here has-changed and now we need to click this create a new gallery .

Now these are the images that are going to be in our gallery and we have a couple of options here where we can style the gallery ok one thing we can do this is the order that the gallery will be and we can do automatic reverse that order another thing .

we can do is we can drag and drop images to get them into the order that we want them in ok or over on the right-hand side you can see we can click this and have random order another thing we can do here is we can choose whether the images when you click on the image ”

does it go to an attachment page or does it go to a media file and the difference there is the attachment page means that it the image opens up in a larger version,
on a page that looks like any other page on your site slideshow gallery html , so it will have the same the header that you have on your site imported essential wordpress security you have a sidebar if you have a sidebar on your site ok, so that’s what an attachment page means.

Image gallery plugin with thumbnails

if you click media file that means when you click on the little thumbnail and it opens up into a larger picture, then it’s going to go to adjust the Picture itself and so there will be no header that we know sidebar anything else.

You can make that decision you might want to send people to an attachment page if you want them to
navigate somewhere else after that ok and then you can also control the
columns here alright so the default is three columns let’s just let’s just leave it at three
for now okay and that’s pretty much it :

photo gallery plugin wordpress free

we’ll insert the gallery ok so now we’re back into our editor and
so you’ll notice that you see ;this icon this large icon for the gallery and this is all that you will ever see you want in in the editor you won’t ever see all of the images that you selected here, ok so don’t worry about that if you see this and you think inpost gallery shortcode something’s gone wrong it hasn’t and if ;

we slip you switch to which is now called the text version you’ll see me the this is a short code we have the gallery and then ; we have the link with all the IDS of the images.

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